From heart of US?

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  • happy man
    happy man
    Since Bush became president... 2003-02-15 07:20:09
    The economy has gone to hell
    Millions of people have lost their jobs
    Millions of families lost half of their life savings
    Millions of about-to-retire seniors have had to keep working
    The stock market has gone down like Paula Jones
    We donated a spy plane from the future to China, and begged their forgiveness
    saying we were "sorry," "very sorry," then "very, very sorry," for getting shot down.
    Meanwhile, President Weak & Stupid wondered if those fighting men had Bibles...
    Enron fat cats were driving one of our submarines and murdered nine Japanese kids
    Bush declared a war against "terra," that will last until the Treasury is completely empty
    Bush said we have to invade Iraq and topple Saddam, but can't explain why
    You can't get on an airplane these days without a Federal reach-around
    The US Constitution says whatever Ashcroft and the alcoholic says it says
    There's a secret, shadow government in place that we're not allowed to ask about
    The press has turned into full-time Bush glorificators
    Clinton continues to be blamed for everything from Pearl Harbor to the Pompeii eruption.
    Democratic Senators keep falling out of the sky
    September 11th happened after Dim Son took another month-long vacation
    India and Pakistan almost got into a nuclear exchange
    North Korea is threatening us with nuclear blackmail

    ...and we have the stupidest president in history.
  • happy man
  • whyhideit

    The president does not make the times, the times make the president.

  • avengers

    I am Bush.
    I ambush


  • freedom96

    Happy man,

    Your profile says that you are from Sweden. If so, I wonder what you point is to try to slam the President of the United States.

    The fact is, good and bad times come before us all, regardless who is president. Usually comments like this are from Democrats blasting the Republicans. If this is the case here, don't get me started about when President Carter was in office, and how home interest rates went over 20% and hurt those who could not then buy a home, and those who lost tons of money because of that.

    Like I said, good and bad times come around to all of us, regardless of who is in office.

    Millions of people lose their jobs, lose money in the stock market, lose their savings, again, regardless of who is in office.

    And again, especially if you are from Sweden, and have nothing to do with this country, where the hell do you get off calling our President "Weak and Stupid"?

    A bit disrespectful, at best.

  • whyhideit

    Bush scares liberals, because he is exposing their messes. Personally, I would take a Republican as President any day over a Democrat. Why? Well let me see .... Clinton, (Sex, Sex, Scandal), .... Carter (Mess, Mess, Nothing Done.) .... Johnson (Vietnam, Vietnam, Scandal) .... JFK (Sex, Sex, Scandal). Seems that the batch of Democrats in my life have left an interesting impression.

  • copsec

    At the risk of offending people I just want to say that I happen to LIKE our President! Better than that troll Clinton.....

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