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  • whyhideit

    The news was talking about war, the world was in turmoil, gas prices were high, the economy was weak and Witnesses were saying this is the end. It sounds like today, doesn't it? Well it isn't, it is actually what was happening in 1990 when the last Gulf War happened. I was in a congregation that was saying, "it could happen any day now." I went to a assembly and people were walking around with big smiles, thinking this was it. We were calling our inactive relatives and telling them to return to the meetings, the end is in site. We had higher attendance then normal, which meant we had 10 people at the book study and not 6. Basically, we thought this was a sign of the end. Yet what happened?

    Well the 90's started, the 90's ended and look where we are today. We are at the beginning of another war and sure enough the Witnesses are doing and saying the same thing. This is their pattern. If trouble happens in the world, they sit there hoping this is the final battle. They want this to be the end! So they mention it, use it to scare people and they preach it door-to-door. Two years later, they forget about it and move onto something else.

    So if any are out there and find themselves buying into this CRAP of thinking this is a sign of the end and getting a little scared with modern events. Don't feel bad, ten years ago there were people doing the same thing as you. Who knows, but ten years from now there might be someone doing the same with the next major event.

    Just thought I would mention this, as I had a conversation with a Witnesses recently and their words sounded just like it was 1990 all over again.

    ... I figure though, if anything does happen. I will just do a death bed repentance, pray to Jesus, Jehovah and even hold a book of Mormons for good measure, and slide in under the wire. Otherwise, I am still holding to the idea that the Witnesses are full of it.

  • DblOSmith

    That's because everyone's siting the scripture saying something like there will be war and famine when goverments say peace or something like that...

    <---- Drunk, too much cheesecake

  • whyhideit

    You know what I always find interesting about that scripture on war and famine. One, this last century was not the only one to see major wars and famine. Two, saying there would be war and famine is like saying there will be rain and mud puddles. If you have one, then you will have the other.

    So basically, that kind of vague prophesies could have fulfillment in about every century that has occurred from 1 AD -2003. We just find it important to this time, because we are living in this time. For some reason, what happened 600 years ago, does not bother us.

  • Been there
    Been there

    Rember 1974? Yep, sounds familiar...........Same ol' #$%^ differant day.

  • ashitaka


    I remember that. People talking in hushed tones the night that we dropped the first bombs on Iraq back in 1990.

    What a joke. Doomsayers everywhere pine for the moments where the stars and countries are aligned for attack.

    If the world ends, they'll say, I told you so! If not, it's still a sign of impending doom.



  • gumby

    We are at the beginning of another war and sure enough the Witnesses are doing and saying the same thing

    And so are other fundies. They all do when things get bad.

    I'ts funny how the dubs base the end on the USA's progress. When we are at war or going to war....the end is near.

    Third world countries have been experiencing war, famine, dictator attrocities, terrorism, for centuries. But......when the USA is having problems.....the end is near.

  • freedom96

    I think that you will find that those who have not experienced things like this before, will be more likely to assume this is the end. Those who have been around for awhile, see things happening like this all the time.

    I am sure that the witnesses thought the end was coming during the Cuban missile crisis. When any war started, and there have been many large ones, I am sure they thought that too. Those that were too young to understand Vietnam, probably thought that the Gulf war was it, and it happens all over again.

    We have been worried about nuclear war for half a century now. Nothing different. There is always going to be concerns over some idiot having access to a nuke.

  • whyhideit
    We have been worried about nuclear war for half a century now.

    Funny that you say that. As my Witness relative mentioned, "doesn't it scare you to know that N. Korea could hit us with one nuke on the west coast?" I responded, "Sure, but it sounds a lot better then the fear I grew up with. Which was that the USSR would hit the whole nation with about a 1000 nukes everywhere." If we have only one nuke that can hit us now, and had a 1000 a few decades back. Well that sounds like progress.

  • cruzanheart

    Hey, babies, I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, and we all thought this was IT! Armageddon's coming! No high school for me! Uh, did I miss something? I'm 47, with a husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cars and a mortgage. At the risk of sounding like the people of Noah's day, life goes on.


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