For Those With No V-Day Card/Gift

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  • Banshee

    Here is a little something for those who did not receive a Valentine's Day card or gift today. This is from a daily meditation book called Believing in Myself by Earnie Larsen & Carol Hegarty.

    "Love is not easy. Love costs."----Carl Sandburg

    "Sometimes we forget the difference between symbols and substance when Valentine's Day rolls around. Spurred on by all the hearts, cupids, and lacy cards we see in the stores, we may unconsciously stake our self-esteem on whether or not we are remembered with a box of chocolates or a pretty bouquet. Of course we want to be and have a sweetheart on this official feast day of love! Who wouldn't?

    "But that doesn't mean that those of us who aren't romantically involved are either unloved or unlovable. Romantic tokens are flattering and fun--but tokens aren't love itself. Many of the valentine tokens being given today are inspired by a sense of obligation--because old Hubert or Billy or Sam knows what's good for him! Some are even given to reduce guilt or to show off. Love itself costs a lot more than long-stemmed roses or even diamonds.

    "Real love is measured out in steadiness, commitment, and unselfishness over the long haul. It has to do with willingness and forgiveness and just plain fortitude. It means being consistently mindful of someone else's welfare. If we are engaged in such relationships, we are fortunate indeed, whether or not we have someone on hand today to tell us how wonderful we are. It's love itself that's wonderful, not the tokens."

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Shutterbug

    Thank you for posting those words of wisdom. We can all learn from your post. Bug

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