Will just knowing a JW get you a resurrection?

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  • christopherceo

    Let me explain what I mean. Have you ever noticed that when somebody who is not a JW, but is related to or is friends with or some other kind of close connection to a JW, dies, that the JW will always reason that Jehovah will probably give them a resurrection? Yet, if this same person died and was not connected to them in any way, they have no hope of a resurrection. How is this possible? I mean, this makes no sense to me. Sounds like a programmed response installed in all JW's to further separate them from their families to the point of not even mourning the death of someone close by using very complex and intelligent manipulation of the thoughts and feelings of the group and individuals in a way that it seems the thoughts and feelings are their own, but they are not. However, any deviation from this expected response will get you examined through the humiliating interrogation process used by the brotherhood. To make my point simple, it seems that if you know a JW but are not one yourself, you can receive a resurrection if you die, (if you believe in the WTS understanding on this subject, which I find holes in), you just don't have to live the life. No wonder why so many are leaving to be a part of the crowd that doesn't have to live the life prescribed by the WTS, and in doing so, find that there is a lot to be explored. Personally, I don't care to know any JW's.


  • CoonDawg

    Well, the logic is that the scriptures say that "the wage that sin pays is death" meaning that once you die, you have paid the ultimate price for all of your past sins...do theoreticly, you would qualify for a second chance....on the stipulation that you haven't turned to Satanism...or become one of us jolly 'postates.

    Hope that helps...basicly, it's a salving of their own hearts to bring them peace.


  • shera

    My daughter's step mother..told me her husband mentioned to her..the whole family will be saved ,even herself, when armageddon comes.Despite she is a firm unbeliever.She can't stand the religion,when she was younger she used to attened.(Have to mention the fact,an older,married brother was driving her home and started to rub her leg.sicko.I never found this out ,much later.)

  • Buster

    Hang on a sec. Perhaps I am having a senior moment here - but everyone that dies before Armageddon gets resurrected. The ones that don't get into the new system are the ones that die at Armageddon. That is one of those special traits of the dubbies: They pray for their close, non-believing relatives to croak before the end. (Or did I miss the topic?)

    Ray Franz writes of a time when a GB member walked into a meeting, happy as a pig in poop that his last close relative had just died - yup, Jehovah had answered his prayers and wiped out his family so thay could get another crack at life later.

    To this day I get a twinge from the time my grandmother died. I told my unbeliever, grieving dad that it was good that his mother was dead. If I could pull that back. How sick is that? Oh yeah, these people have the truth.

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