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  • gotcha
    gotcha anyone here into photography...i would want to take
    a beginner's photography class so i need to get a camera ..i'm thinking of a canon rebel 2000 or maybe a nikon n60..could someone suggest something?and i would want something which i would not have to change immediately..thankss


  • bijou


    If you really want to learn how to take pictures, get a camera with a manual override like the Nikon FM-2 or F3. Make sure it allows you to preview the depth field (a depth-of-field preview button) and allows for interchangeable lenses.

  • gotcha

    hey bijou thanks so much for replying!...actually i was thinking of either the nikon f60/n060 or the canon rebel 2000 coz these are the ones within my budget..the nikon doesnt have a depth of field preview..and i think im more inclined to getting a canon because im the type who wants those perks and hi tech there....abt the f3 i think it's manual i would want a camera that i could learn from and also one that i could use as point and shoot...what u think?thanksssss

  • Francois

    Suggest you get an inexpensive digital camera. No film. Instant feedback. Great!

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