Shunning accountability – To god or men?

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  • sinboi

    I have met this brother a few times after I DA’d. In the past, when I met him, he was with another JW. I am sure he saw me but he just continue walking, pretending not to see me.

    But today he was alone. He walked up to me to say “Hi!” and asked me how I am getting along.

    This cause me to wonder :

    Who are they afraid of offending, god or other JWs when they talk to 'sinners'? If they fear they will be offending J, whether they are with another jw or they are alone, they shouldn’t speak to me!

    Or are they thinking that J will understand and forgive them for talking to ‘sinners’ but other jws will not?

    Who are they worshipping? God or men?

  • Onager

    Is that a trick question?

    It's men of course! That's obvious by your example.

    It's obvious in a thousand different ways, have you ever tried debating the existence of god with a JW? It's pointless, yes, but the argument can go on for hours. Try debating that the governing body are a bunch of fallible, corrupt men and Boom! You're instantly branded an apostate and the conversation is over. God is abstract to them, but the GB are real.

  • Akid48


    IF you ever get to the point where you can debate them they would just say what a animal can do and say was it created?They dont show evidence just saying if you get luckly to debate them


    i think onager is right and i stand by what hes said.Most jw look at the GB has god (there told to) so they are worshipping men.

  • Crazyguy

    They want to do the right thing when in front of others. Not the right thing biblically but doctrinally. Mathew chapter 5 clearly shows that shunning is wrong . Plus you DAd yourself, this doesn't mean your not a Christian or don't believe in Jesus it just means you don't want to be part of this cult. No reason from the Bible to shun you then is there?

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