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  • Brummie

    I moved from a pretty built up real busy brawling area into the more scenic village lifestyle...most people seem to settle into country life but I cant seem to make it home. As beautiful as the scenery, seasides, mountains and hills are I miss the busy life, the hussle and bussel etc. Thing is my kids have basically grown up in the village and gone to school here (age 5&7, we have lived here 4 yrs), to take them back into city life would be a culture shock and now with their little perfect English accents they would probably be outsiders back in school in the city, especially brummie land where speaking duffy broken english means you fit in. However my wife & I are struggling to make this home. I think we will stick it out for the sake of the kids, it was for them we came here in the first place but we are struggling and the temptation to go back is great.

    Have you ever moved from the city into a village? Or from a village into the city? How did you cope, was it better or worse?


  • Stephanus

    You're not the only one Brummie - I could never move somewhere rural. Stadtluft macht frei...

  • Brummie

    Thanks Steph, I thought it was going to be real

    I also miss the JW's cat that lived near me in the City, though she was rude and a rogue.


  • animal

    I live in a city that is #6 in size, I think, in the USA..... it is huge. We moved here from a smaller town, with horse and buggies in it.


  • cruzanheart

    I sympathize with you! I lived in a little Texas town for a year, and it drove me CRAZY! Too far away from the fun of the big city. Now we live in the country, but close enough that we work in downtown Dallas and can still get around to our favorite haunts. To me, that's the best of both worlds.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Funny you bring this up Brummie. I moved to Dallas when I was 5 and grew up there. After my wife and I had our first child (wow it's been 9 years) we wanted to move to the suburbs because of the better school system. It was kind of shock because everything out here is so plain and vanilla. I missed all our old haunts, the little out of the way restaurants we knew, an old movie theater that was close to our old house, you know things like that. There was none of that in our new area. Only malls and chain restaurants that served bland and boring food. We moved again, just 18 months ago to a little town called Murphy (about 3 miles from South Fork) and we love it. Technically I guess it's still suburbia since we're only 22 miles from Dallas, but it still has a small town feel to it. Don't get me wrong, I still miss living in the city, if it weren't for the kids we would definitely be back in town (I'm a city cat, not a country cat) but where we're living now feels much comfortable than the suburbs.

    So I guess my point in this rambling and incoherent missive, is that perhaps you just need to find where you're most comfortable while still giving the kids what you want them to have.



    I grew up on a farm, have lived in small towns and cities . . . love cities the best. . . I'm a confirmed citified gal! Gotta have a few great dance spots and good shopping malls and art classes and stuff to do, ya know. I would die if I was isolated and away from the bustle of people and things to do.

    The only other thing I might like. . . is if I was on an acreage just outta city, cuz I would really love to build my very own Labyrinth . . . for meditation purposes.


  • Seven

    Hi Brummie, What I miss about city life: The constant noise, lack of vegetation, parking garages, six deadbolt locks per door, bars on the windows, not making eye contact, public transportation, parking fees, asphalt, asphalt and more asphalt, scurrying from air conditioned building to air conditioned building in the summer, the occasional gun shot, sirens, traveling at warp speeds of up to 5mph during rush hour, chemically treated water, eating my lunch on the roof, $5 chili dogs and $3 cups of coffee, and the fine air quality.-NOT

    Nope, I once lived the good life as a caged animal along with multitudes of other caged animals and I about lost my mind. I guess it's about what your individual priorities are. Mine is my sanity and some peace and quiet. I can just hop in my SUV and have access to all the clubs, fine restaurants, sporting and cultural events, museums, hospitals etc. anywhere. I just don't care to live in the middle of it. I look around me and see that many of my fellow hampsters have joined me out here with their children in the land of the riding lawmower beyond the yellow brick road. We're not missing out on a thing.


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