Who Loves Terry Brooks' Books?

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  • Banshee

    I am a HUGE fan of books by the author Terry Brooks. I have almost every book he has written. Anybody else a big fan of his?

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  • SheilaM

    Banshee I LOVE Terry Brooks

  • gsx1138

    I love Terry Brooks. I think the Shanara series is superior to The Lord of the Rings series. Yeah, I know that is blasephamy but the pacing is much better. Too bad there will probably never be a Shanara movie. I think it would be much more interesting than any of the LOTR movies.

  • Banshee

    Sheila, somehow that doesn't surprise me! ;) I'll bet Thunder likes Terry Brooks' stuff, too.

    gsx, I agree with you re: the Shannara Series. I believe that Terry Brooks took what Tolkien did and then improved upon it with excellent results. I like Tolkien's stuff, too, but I find that Terry Brooks is an even more exciting and fun read. It would be great if they made movies out of the Shannara Books (only if Terry Brooks wrote the screenplay and had producer status, though ;) ).

    Have you guys read Running With the Demon, Knight of the Word and Angel Fire East? I thought those were sort of a departure for him, in a way, but quite enjoyable, all the same! :D

  • Swan

    I was secretly reading the Shannara books back when I was a dub. Their pacing is faster than the LOTR books. The LOTR books have a much deeper history and culture reflected in them.

    So why are we comparing them? I think they are both great in their own right and comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. Why do some folks always feel the need to choose one thing over another? Enjoy them both, just like I might enjoy munching on an apple this evening, but would still want an orange in the morning.

    The Magic Kingdom For Sale Sold series didn't hold my interest like the Shannara series, except for the third book where the dragon was in Seattle. That part was great!


  • SheilaM

    I love the Shannara but my favorite was The Magic Kingdom for sale Sold series I love to discuss literature and Thunder and I discuss it all the time. I even joined a bok group and love to argue the merits of one author over another LOL If you all love Brooks and Tolkein Terry Goodkind has a series starting with Wizards First Rule, I love it .

    <of the books, books I love books class>

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    Brooks is a genius. I started readint the Shannara books in highschool and have gone through several copies of each with re-reads. My son just finished the first book, The Sword Od Shannara and is looking forward to starting the Elf Stones. I must admit he is one author that encouraged me in my writing though I doubt I'll ever be of his caliber.

    SheilaM read the Magic Kingdom series and loved it. I have yet to read them for myself. I can't get past the talking dog at the beginning. Maybe we'll get snowed in this weekend and I can give it another go.


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