A Royal Pain!

by Marcos 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Marcos

    Has anyone else been getting anything like this?

    They are Internet Messenger advertisements and arrive about once an hour.

    These messages arrive over the Internet if I leave the connection on, which I do all the time for business reasons. If I am working in another program, I have to attend to closing these messages before I can go back to work.

    I HATE IT!!!

    Id call the company collect in the USA but I know they will refuse the call. Any idea how this can be stopped?

    Advice welcome


    P.S. I wanted to attach the screen captures of the stupid ads but cant figure out how to embed a picture. Any help on that? Thanks.

  • Ed

    Windows has a background service called "Messenger" (which is completely different from the MS Messenger program) that spammers have started using to pop up ads. I assume that's what you're talking about. If so, you can get rid of them very very easily by just switching off the Messenger service. To do this in Windows XP (not sure about 2000, but it's probably the same) just go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. A box will appear with a list of services available (these are little background processes that run all the time). Find the one called "Messenger" and double-click on it. The Properties box will appear, and you can then click the STOP button and change the "startup type" to DISABLED so it won't start up again. No more pop-ups!

  • Francois

    Grand advice! And also you can get a free popup stopper from panicware.com called popup stopper. I have it on all my machines, and I really like it. When you want to disable it so that you can receive a window you desire, you just hold down the control key and click on the link to the new window and there it is.

    Hope you're permanently fixed with your popup problem.


  • Marcos

    Thanks Ed and Francois.

    I changed the settings per Ed's instructions and haven't had anymore pop-ups for the last couple of hours. I think that took care of it.


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