What Do Yall Think About The Bottom Line?

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  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    Do yall think this shield and spear rattling amongst the nations of the world is just a facetious effort to inflate prices and stick it to civilians while using war as the lubricant?

    Gasoline and grocery prices are already escalating rather more quickly than in the past since 1974....

    Auntie Flame, of the Public Enema #1 class

  • ozziepost

    a facetious effort to inflate prices and stick it to civilians while using war as the lubricant


  • CoonDawg

    I can't say that it isn't a consideration....

    I don't impute any pure motives when it comes to the dealings of governments. Sorry, as sincere as GW sounded after 9-11....I just don't buy the heartfelt good-ol' boy routine.


  • Shutterbug

    Governments stick it to civilians thru taxes, not wars. The more that is taken from you this way is less the gov can tax you. Some think the big corporations pay taxes, not true. The just pass on the tax burden down to, guess who >

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    AF. Why their sending one hundred and fifty thousand men to remove Saddam when one bullet could end him, is beyond me. For someone who supposedly have weapons of mass destruction, it took, Bin Laden's men only a few American planes to bring down the WTC. Did Bin Laden have weapons of mass destruction to accomplish what he did? Of course they fingered Bin Laden for this terrorists act. Why haven't they centered their attention on this terrorists? Why haven't they spent all their time and effort in capturing Bin Laden? We all seen what damge he has done. What damage has Saddam done to the US except that were told he has weapons of mass destruction and he's going to use them. Who set in motion our present terrorists crisis, Saddam or Bin Laden? Maybe the U.S. needs to have an army to protect U.S.planes from any further hijacking and a repeat of the 9/11 tragedy.

    Instead of Janet Reno's troops capturing David Koresh while walking the streets of Waco, they had to make a Hollywood production out of it by burning down his compound resulting in the deaths of women and children! Where's all this insanity leading us? Yes, what is the bottom line?

    Guest 77

  • Francois

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it WWII that ended the Great Depression? I think it was.

    I sincerely believe that the Bush administration feels that Iraq (which is easier to spell than wasisname) is determined to accumulate/continue to hide his weapons of mass destruction against that day when he can get them into the US for use. I would much rather go after him now with all we've got than to let he and his regime continue to fester.

    As Lao Tzu has said, "Handle a problem while it is small, and you will have no large problems."

    GHWB was prevented from pursuing the fleeing Republican Guard back to Baghdad in 1991 by the same UN resolution that authorized his kicking them out of Kuwait. Stormin' Norman wanted to go to Baghdad and was prevented by Colin Powell, then chariman of the joint chiefs, and GHWB himself.

    I clearly remember the leftys in this country demanding that GHWB stop pursuing the Republican Guard and that he bring our troops home immediately. No sooner had GHWB accomplished that than the leftys began to excoriate him for not "finishing off Saddam." All of a sudden, the leftys developed a sort of mass amnesia about the very UN resolution they had been quoting just the week before.

    Had we finished off Saddam in '91 "when the problem was small" we would not now have this larger problem today. To me, that is axiomatic.

    Now we have a chance, and a duty to the world to end the regime of this butcher who started out his political life in the Baath party as a jailer and torturer, and I say we do it. And do it right. Damn the Liberals, full speed ahead.

    We'd better take care of this and other forms of international terror as soon as possible. If we don't, we as individual Americans will have NO RIGHTS LEFT. Each and every time there is a terrorist act in this country, our individual rights are further eroded. Have you read about the Anti-Terror Laws, Part II? They are beginning to resemble the guidelines used by Torquemada in the Spanish Inquisition. And if you think I'm kidding, go read them both for yourself.

    It is in our own best interest as individuals that: Saddam be either killed or exiled as soon as possible and that; Osama ben Ladin and international terrorism be ended. If not, and to repeat my self, we are going to loose all our individual rights as Americans in a war designed to protect those same rights.

    Better one country be turned into a glowing glass parking lot than for the flickering flame of freedom and liberty to be extinguished forever from this planet. We've already had a thousand years of state-sponsored serfdom in the Dark Ages. Given the power of the modern industrial state, the next Dark Ages will last the life of the planet.

    Think about that next time you feel like opposing the removal of Saddam and his henchmen.


  • COMF

    They want to have a war
    To keep their factories
    They want to have a war
    To keep us on our knees
    They want to have a war
    To stop us buyin' Japanese
    They want to have a war
    To stop Industrial Disease

    - Mark Knopfler, "Industrial Disease"

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Let's hope when it's all played out, were still here? If not, should we say our good-byes now?

    Guest 77

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