May Broadcast,, a plagiarised musical accompaniment !?

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  • jonahstourguide

    Hi Folks.

    How close is the music of this months "spiritual video" at app 55 minutes to Michael Buble's "I still haven't met you yet".!?

    I posted here so all and not members only would see this. perhaps da big 8.

    I don't have the skill set to post the comparisons but, I hope someone will. At first I thought the musical accompaniment was similar to Colbie Caillet's 'Bubbly'. On further rattling in my brain I remembered Buble's version of the aforementioned song. Boring I know, but, for those of us that still endure the bullshit for one reason or another, worldly influence in the halls of power is more and more evident,,,, .. My two bobs worth ha ha ha.


  • oppostate
  • zboubiz

    I don’t think we can call it plagiarism, but yeah it’s heavily influenced by these pop songs.

    It really feels weird to hear those songs (and those damn awful videos...). Like, they try to make it scream « cool » when it actually only screams « scam » 😅

  • jonahstourguide

    Thank you oppostate. And, well clarified zboubiz.

    I often remark on how this religion is fast becoming the same as every other Tele-Evangelism mob.


    P.S. SCAM indeed....

  • steve2

    There is a Grand Canyon between "cool" and "cringeworthy" - and JW organization at its cringeworthy best cannot bridge that chasm.

  • mrssauk

    Wasn’t the admonition not to write christian rock/pop songs since that’s what “false” christians did?

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