I need a partner

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  • Alexscott

    My name is Alex I lost my wife two years ago and I have been alone since then I have a kid who need a mom just hope I can find it here

  • Simon

    Sorry for your loss.

    This isn't a dating site though and we don't encourage people to share their personal information with anyone.

    In general I think limiting yourself to the small pool of people who are currently or have been a past member of a rather niche religious group isn't sensible.

    Better to try and meet normal people in normal circumstances (though that can be challenging right now).

  • smiddy3

    I too am sorry for your loss alex but I think you have come to the wrong place to find a partner .

    However welcome to this site and I think you could be encouraged and learn a lot here if you can stick around .

    Take care .and I wish you well whatever you decide.

  • waton

    Alex, hope that you are coping with your loss, we are a helping people here, dealing mainly with the loss of faith in the wt religion, which is a good loss. We dont know how your loss occurred, if it was through a divorce from an unfaithful person, that was a good loss. The reason I agree with Simon and smiddy that this might not be a good place for inviting replies to help you --- is, that some members here have repudiated all restraint that religion imposed on them. some, not all.

    You would be better served to expose your plight on a site that caters to those that are totally committed to religious values, strong-three-stranded marriages, "angelic", even pastor / elder supervision. Covit permitting I would recommend the orient, where family values are still strong. start with Luzon island.

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