Cool Links on UN, For PR_Capone

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  • jgnat

    Hey, PR, I hear you are looking for dates on the UN scandal. I found the following cool link.

    The link below on the same site, gives the exact date the WTS withdrew it's membership.

    Good luck on your disassociating letter.

  • pr_capone

    HUGE HELP!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! Sending a copy of the letter from the U.N. along with my DA letter!!!!!!


    Eric of the free once and for all class

  • jgnat

    You are welcome, PR. Congratulations on taking this landmark step in your life. Chances are the letter will be filed without a thought, but I bet you will have felt better for sending it.

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  • hawkaw

    Some other good stuff can be found here:

    If you need any help understanding what it is all about let me know. I am kinda busy with the abuse stuff and getting media play but I do have some time now and then on the week days.

    Always remember this. The WTS was and still is a NGO. Also the WTS never "joined" the UN.

    What the WTS did was they voluntarily contacted the UN's Department of Public Information and requested to become an "associate" NGO with the UN's DPI. After a review of the WTS application and after the WTS voluntarily agreed to meet DPI"s criteria for registration (ie support for UN Charter etc.) the DPI registrataion committee allowed the WTS to become an "associate NGO" with the UN"s DPI. This association occurred from 1992 to October 2001.


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