Why can't you see it?

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  • Gig

    It's very hard trying to help a JW see the truth, and just as hard it seems to describe that difficulty. How about this, you all remember those computer generated images that, at a glance, looked like a random set of dots or colors, no patterns or pictures. You had to get your eyes to focus differently and adjust to the "hidden" image. Some were able to see it quickly, some still can't figure it out, and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. And what about the effort people would go through, sitting there staring, getting frustrated, eyes crossed trying to see what people say is there somewhere. Then BAM...all of the sudden they can see the picture, no...lost it...wait, THERE...I GOT IT. With a little practice, you could "do the eye thing" quicker and easier, until it only took a second.

    I think that's how it is for JWs looking at the WTS, but with one exception, those images never killed anybody.

  • JamesThomas

    I don't feel that the analogy quite cuts it, Gig. The people who where looking at the dots where actively looking for something. Brain cells were working to understand. The Witnesses are not looking for anything. Brain cells are functioning only to keep the book from falling on the floor, and keep the lungs breathing. I sense it is mainly the heart that finally screams "I can't take this anymore! This is not right!".....if it is listened to at all. JamesT

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