You'll Never Forget Fata Morgana!

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    What my friend photographed while we were viewing the Pacific Ocean:

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    We were lucky to have such a clear day, which is not so unusual during the fall. The only thing in the distance that is "real" is the huge building with two smokestacks (far left). Oh, yes -- the mountain at extreme right.

  • LV101

    Beautiful blue -- calming. Thanks for sharing, Coco.

  • compound complex
  • Xanthippe

    Very interesting. What causes the mirage CoCo?

  • waton

    When I watch the sun sets on the horizon of the cold water body of water that my house overlooks, the shape of the perfect circle is always deformed, sometimes suspended, once it looked like a stack of plates,

    should have counted them and see whether it relates to events in my life. , but not telling, enough other reasons t get a reputation to being odd. ha ha.

    reflection and reflection of different substances at different temperatures are understood, but conditions that arrive are too complex. Think of the proverbial butterfly in the Amazon triggering a hurricane.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, Xanthippe and waton, for your replies and information.

    I believe, Xanthippe, that your question can be better answered by the link I gave, as well as by waton's story. I'm no scientist!

    Best wishes.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    looks like Moss Landing..CoCo Smile.

    My Kiddos called those 'smoke stakes' cloud makers.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    9 hours ago

    "Very interesting. What causes the mirage CoCo?"

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