We are all victims of abuse, both emotional and spiritual-Stand Tall

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  • CovertsadJW

    Good morning,

    Sexual abuse is most certainly the most horrific type of child abuse, but the more I read the more I realize that anyone born into the "cult" is a victim. We are all victims of lying, emotional and spiritual abuse over years or over decades. I was born in and fortunately never experienced sexual abuse, but suffered as many have here emotionally and spiritually. This is not a cry for " sympathy" , but a recognization that no matter what type of abuse we suffered, we have suffered and we are all survivors of a horrible cult. I want to take this moment to recognize everyone on this site and others who have had their lives ever changes by the WT abuses. Stand tall and please understand you are not alone.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Thanks. Its good to be past all that and redirecting my mind and spirit towards a better world view.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Well said, Covertsad, the JW organisation is downright abusive. It is only concerned with its reputation, never does it consider the feelings or welfare of its flock. The only criterion for interest in its membership is if they loyally believe the rubbish they teach. Children are abused by being trapped into the JW cult by baptism before they are able to recognise the significance of the commitment. Members are expected to give their lives to this money making cult at the expense of losing the natural birthright to fulfil their own hopes and dreams.

    JW org is an abusive cult.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    CovertsadtsadJW as a born-in I totally agree with what you said. I remember about 15 years ago I was telling a CO about the abuses I went through as a child in this cult. His answer to me was the abuses made me a stronger person. I just stood there dumbfounded by what he said to me. Looking back I can now see how everything in the Borg is just a series of abuses compounded on top of more abuse. Yes we are all survivors. Maybe one day the abuses of the Borg will be meant with long jail terms. One can only hope. Take care. Still Totally ADD

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