Provision of the FDS - March KM

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  • Stephanus

    Thanks to Dmouse

    Highlights: bottom of p. 1 - the hunting down of inactives is confirmed

    pp. 3-4, memorial madness - guilt your spouse into coming (p3, para 5)

    p6, bring your old magazines into the KH to be redistributed and dumped on an unsuspecting public

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  • ozziepost

    G'day Steph,

    Thanks very much to you and Dmouse for making sure that we didn't miss any of this timely spiritual food.

    I especially am looking forward to the SM talk for April 7 "How to Reason From the Scriptures" where we'll be told that we must read the Bible. I would never have thought of that! And we'll be able to enjoy a whole 15 minute talk to show us that!

    Truly "meat in due season"!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • rebel

    I may come across as stupid, but I really feel sorry for the people that go along with this - it makes me want to cry.


  • Mary


  • Francois

    It's their damn party, let them worry with it. If I were to go, I'd consume the emblems just as quick as Jumpin' Jack Flash, I swear to God in heaven by my love for my children I would.

    So, JWs, think twice before you come around inviting me to become a Memorialite.


  • garybuss

    "Those who have been lifelong captives to false teachings may find it difficult to comprehend the freedom offered by God's Word." (Our Kingdom Ministry" March 2003, page 8)

  • Stephanus

    I noticed their little attempt to assert that slavery to them is akin to freedom too, Gary...

  • unclebruce

    big price to pay for a free swig at the watchtower wine bro francoice .. sit through the usual "and jesus took a cup and saithed unto them .. blah blah blah .." yet, i was all set to do just that but my partner in crime (with the digital camera) piked out at the last minute .. be fun to do with a bloke like you though .. where do you live again?



    Hey Stephanus - so they're gonna hunt me down? .. ooo i'm a shak'n in me thongs!

  • Robdar

    Oh Joy,

    I was planning on some mischief at the Memorial. But if the elders are going to hunt me down and send a publisher over to my house, I might as well slash off now.

    Maybe I should use reverse "theocratic warfare" on them and give the local cemetery as my address? But first I will go through and borrow one of the resident's names as an alias.


  • Stephanus

    LOL @ Rob's cemetery suugestion!

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