Wanna help a 5th grader with their Science Project

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  • Jesika

    Our school, Plainview Elementary in Ardmore, Ok, is having a Science Fair.
    The fair will be held March 25, 2003.

    We decided to work on this project together. We are trying to see
    where, and how fast e-mail can travel in a period of six weeks. We
    are keeping track of how many e-mails we get back, and what cities, states,
    and countries they are coming from.
    Please help us!!

    There are only two steps:

    1. Please send an e-mail to the following address:

    [email protected]

    (there is an _ or underscore between lexie
    and reid)

    In the subject of the e-mail, please include
    your city, state, and country. You don't have to include your name.

    mailing list. We will be keeping track of the number of responses, as well
    as the locations. Therefore, send them even to people in the same town.

    the internet in a six week period. If you receive this e-mail after March
    25, 2003, please disregard it.

    Thank you very much for your help!


    Someone sent me this email, so I thought I would post it here since there are so many of us from different places. Then you can send the email to someone else or to everyone in your address book.

    This is an exact copy of the email. I have already emailed the kids myself.


  • Inquiry

    I received a very similar email from a student in Mississippi... I thought that it was a neat idea for a student project, and as is very unusual for me, sent it to many in my email list. Well, when I sent the email back to the student, so she could confirm the addresses to that point, the email address didn't work.

    So much for good intentions.


  • jgnat

    Warning! This is chain mail! Do not respond! See attached link.


  • Elsewhere

    hehe... my first thought was that it was a spamming company trying to gather email addresses.

  • Shutterbug

    This may very well be a scam. I pulled up the Ardmore School District Web Site and they do not list a Plainview Elementary School. I plan to call in the morning and try to determine if someone is using their site for some type of Scam Bug

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    I'm such a sucker for a kid with a science fair project!

    I responded from one of my safe email addresses, and I only sent it to a *couple* of folks (blush).

    Any kids want the formula for Nitrogen Tri-Iodide or Astrolite? Tesla Coil schematics?

    Ion Ray Gun plans? Trebuchet? Ataltl? Rigellian Blood Worms?

  • whyhideit

    Yes, do not respond to this above e-mail.

    Although, I have always wondered. Wouldn't it be a cruel joke on someone to send out a chain letter like this and put their e-mail address attached to it. Talk about crashing your e-mail server. Although, that might be considered internet terrorism.


    Thanks to David Emery @ About.com - his encyclopedia of internet hoaxes, chain-letters, urban myths and so much more, is valuable to any internet savvy individual.

    Click the link here, and it will take you the Grade 5 duplicate chain-letter e-mail:


    Read some of the other ones on there as well. It's great, and I subscribe to his newsletters which keeps me abreast of what nonsense if floating around.

  • Xander

    that might be considered internet terrorism

    I don't think they consider it that yet, but it is definately illegal.

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