Young People Ask, Should Christians Watch Movies

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    This is my attempt at composing a wt article. I think it is valid, based on their doctrine nonassociation w the world.


    In view of the fact that christians are to be separate from the world, some have wondered if it would be in harmony w jehovah's principles for true christians to watch movies.

    One of the powers of movies and also music videos and videogames, is their ability to make the viewer identify w certain characters in movies and w players in video games. Clever psychological techneques that play on feeling and emotions that young people and also older ones have, are used to draw viewers in, too place themselves actually within these entertainments. This action, on the parts of suceptable ones, often succeeds in 'hooking' them.

    Once one is fully identified or associted w an actor, one would certainly be mentally associating w the world, through the actor, even adopting his attitudes and reactions. Thus, a wise christian, who has seen the danger, and has hidden himself under the wing of jehovah, would shun all movie watching and also video games. By being in the world, but not part of it, brothers and sisters would be serving jehovah, shoulder to shoulder remaining without a spot from the world.

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