Forcible Brexit from Bethel

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  • Lostandfound

    UK marginally voted for Brexit, however thousands of brothers worldwide did not vote for their BethelExit Bexit, not much, if any, news on how this going down with the those Bexited or congregations landed with some of the Bexited ones. Comments from on high about supporting full time servants, obvious really as society will not care either financially or emotionally, "no more printing, there's the door keep well , bye" or " you have been reassign d to the field, isn't that great" maybe need to find a field to sleep in as many will have no fall back provision.

    are the rank and file not disturbed about treatment of those with years of service or are they going to accept it in same way they are going along with scant use of the Bible, just tablets, generation of witnesses now (sunny side up or overlapping how would you like that?) could not cope with real Bible discussion, 3 scripture sermon or any sermon, dumbed down and loving it.

    Are there no reports of Bexitites returning with high expectations or has the stuffing been knocked out of them. Some with jobs for life but what a surprise, redundancy with no payoff, no pension, no state benefits earned!

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