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    This may have been shared before, but I was re-reading it. It was interesting to read it. Makes you wonder sometimes, doesn't it?

  • mouthy

    Thanks that was interesting

  • herk

    We take away some of our credibility when we repeat rumors that haven't been proven. I personally knew both Chitty and Greenlees. Due to my assignment at Bethel, I spoke with them nearly every day for the last several years they were there. I saw no evidence of a tendency toward homosexuality. The GB has never said they were taken off the body for that reason, and there hasn't been any other official information to show they were gay.

    I will say this: Both men had enemies at Bethel. I saw Greenlees correct two members of the GB in front of a young Bethelite, and scripturally he was right. Chitty was also known for being forthright when he felt other GB members were violating the Scriptures. And I was there at least twice when I saw him in action. Additionally, there are a few women at Bethel who are the biggest gossipers I ever met in my life. One in particular actually detested Greenlees, probably because he didn't hesitate to chew her out a time or two. I'm almost certain she started the story about Greenlees being gay. These women would pick up on a story, and it would spread like wildfire throughout Bethel and beyond.

    I personally don't know whether either men tended to be homosexual, but I really doubt it. I'm not defending them since I have to admit there's a possibility I'm wrong. But I think it doesn't serve the cause of those who have problems with the WTS to resort to mere rumors in an effort to prove their case.

  • BluesBrother

    Well said Herk !

    Although this organisation never ceases to amaze me, I cannot see that homosexuality would be tolerated , and unless they have real evidence the ones spreading these stories should shut it.

    We stand the risk of being discredioted and not beleived when a real scandal arises.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Rayzorblade,

    thanks for the link. Imho, I believe that the best piece of evidence

    is Salter letter to "the president "of the WTBS Inc. Many interesting,

    factual and truthful statements.

    Thanks, greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • herk


    You are so right. Salter's letter ought to be read from the housetops to tell the world what the WT Society was and still is all about. He appears to have been a very thoughtful, devout and courageous Christian. But he is the type that the WT doesn't want in its organization.


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