MAT 12:1-8

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  • Zep

    Just curious as to how JW's interpret these verses in relation to the blood policy?.

  • Zep

    Obviously they dont, it makes too much sense....was dumb question!

  • waiting

    Hey, Zep,

    I just saw a beginning discussion of this on H20, do you go there?

    The Society does not use these scriptures to base their belief in non-blood use. There would seem to be obvious reasons why they don't.

    Math 12:7, "However, if you had understood what this means, 'I want mercy, and not sacrifice,' you would not have condemned the guiltless ones. For Lord of the sabbath is what the Son of man is."

    Freedom from the heavy laws of the Pharisees, which were put upon the Israelites, not by Jehovah, but by men. Jesus was even freedom from the Jewish Law given by God - as he fulfilled the law - thus granting us freedom.

    A lot of us came into the Truth to have freedom from the heavy man-made laws of the religions we left - after a bible study which showed us the errors of our religion.

    It would seem man has always search for Truth, as well as Freedom, as well as Security. Too bad all are so elusive to most of us.

  • Zep

    yeah Waiting, i use h20 a bit...good source of info over there!.It was my post you probably read!
    I would have posted it here but didn't think it was appropriate....You have a little more latitude over at H20, a little more room to be cynical!

    To me "i desire mercy and not sacrifice" says it all in relation to blood.No logic games or playing with scripture or indepth analysis but just straight just seems to make perfect sense?!..the way JC would want people to think on the issue? The 1st thing he'd want to come into their mind when challenged by the issue of blood?

  • Maxee
    The Society will never give reason for their latest stand on blood

    Jesus wasn't interested in the showy display of ones faith. He always allows us to question our heart.
    Sadly the faithful and discreet slave has not been so attuned with their hearts nor Jesus.
    The society has been unable to come even close to interpretating what Jesus's words meant.Now they are cornered and have to finds the means to back up their stand on blood throughout the last mid fifty years.

  • Lurker555


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