Things You Will Learn From A CAT:

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  • greven

    Things You Will Learn From A CAT:

    • Only allow people to touch you with your permission. If not: make them regret it.
    • Spend your days sleeping, eating and playing.
    • When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. Then, halfway ask yourself: "Why bother?" and turn around.
    • Rip the word 'obedience' from your dictionary.
    • Trim your nails on any object of choice.
    • Play with your food.
    • If someone offended you show them your *ss.
    • Show proudness, agility and independance.
    • Be loyal to the one you see in the mirror.
    • When in danger become bigger then you are.
    • Tolerate authority rather then submit to it.
    • When bored, create complete chaos by ravaging the place. Blame it on the dog.
    • Drink lotsa milk.
    • Your favorite food is meat. When it was somebody-else's this is an added bonus.
    • When you're happy, share this with anybody around. No people around? Hey a chair will do nicely too.
    • Delight in the simple joy of chasing butterflies.
    • Don't settle for cheap food.
    • Climb on top of everything, pretend to be King of the Rock.
    • When you need to release some energy, run around the house making weird noises, terrifying everybody and afterwards pretend it never happened.
    • Pet? Pet? You are nobodies pet!
    • When you need love, seek a nice lap and cuddle.
    • What is an egoist? An egoist is somebody that doesn't think of ME!
  • wednesday

    I love cats, they are so indivdual. I have three, and each is so different. One is like a dog and meets my hubby upon his arrival home.

    Your post was very cute and so true for owners(?) of cats


  • JH

    My favorite animal is the cat.

    Man's best friend is the cat.


    LOL @ Greven!!! Loved it!!!

    Words to live by! . . .I have had several kitties in my life. . . they certainly do have their own personalities!

    create complete chaos by ravaging the place. Blame it on the dog

    Such "innocent" creatures . . . who could not love 'em!!!

    Thanks for sharing this, greven!!!


  • acsot
  • When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. Then, halfway ask yourself: "Why bother?" and turn around.
  • OMG - gotta stop reading these posts during my lunch break! Laughed too much and almost choked on my sandwich! This is so typical of cats! Mine, at least. Yes indeed - LOVE CATS!

    check out this website if you haven't already (can't remember when I posted it or in response to which person):


    Soooo . . . where are all the cat lovers???


  • Stephanus

    An interesting little observation I made about the Dubs when they were still coming around was that, if they had pets at all, they were dog people, usually. I thought that this made sense - dogs are animals that travel in packs with a leader, whereas cats are independent "thinkers", and I can't see a loyal Dub responding very well to such a thing! However, let me add that that observation is a simple vox pop and is not to be seen as me making a definite statement. I do know of Dubs who are (or claim to be) cat people too...

  • Beans

    I have learned alot from pussies!


  • greven

    At the moment I have two cats and grew up with two cats and a dog. It is nice to have life in your home. Cats are intelligent beings with personality, they can learn an upgrowing child alot of good lessons. they are good fun!

    Some Dubs indeed reason that it is not wise to own pets because they take up precious time that you could have spend in service (but hey, what doesn't?).

    Greven of the Catlovers-unite!-class

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