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  • sf

    Hi Randy,

    How ya doing? Hope you are feeling well these days.

    I just checked in to your homepage, as i do every single day to stay up-to-date and caught the new net soup menu re: why so manyy wts pages and/or related pages that are harder to access via net.

    I spend a great deal of my time providing man URLs to sites where i know they will be seen and booked. Well, the TENKWIZARD pages re: THE WTBTS holdings of 57% stock in RAND ENERGY are gone!! The "filing blurbs" and the "view filing"...GONE! And i did not save them in downloadable form, i only booked them. I am wondering if in fact, you or someone else has them saved in a file?

    Those two pages were two of the most requested pages i was asked to post at ahoo messenger chat and a few other jw chat sites. Many people were amazed and asked many questions on the topic. Now they are gone. And i am sure they were pulled by the powers that be. Someone must have been informed or been in there at times i was posting them and knew the magnitude of inquires that would and were arising as i brought the pages in most everyday, as i do with man many other sites and pages exposing the mass corruption within the tower walls.

    Yes, pages are disappearing. I have over two hundred bookmarks of so many things to educate and inform the lurkers and inquirers that i insert daily to most all jw sites, chat sessions and esp yahoo messenger chat. They dont call me "wturls" for nothin' (eh, venice?).
    In the last month, at least twenty of the urls i have booked, are gone. These were active sites and pages up to a month ago. Coincidence? I'm not convinced. Btw...
    Tallys pages are a hit too, a real crowd pleaser. Thanx for allowing me to copy those Tom, its greatly appreciated, and yes, many are reading them...lots of surfers want to know whats going on in this organization now. They surf in under diff names and request the pages, like they never ever heard of a jw...its funny, they are so transparent. Thats ok though, they are reading, and thats what counts!! The topic that is now reall beginning to smolder is the rape topic and the fact that jw women ARE IN FACT dissedfellowshippedout for being raped. The read the page Tally, and are stunned its right out of the wt mag itself. A few have become quite upset over the facts. Yet, this needs to be heard so loud now, along with the pedophile epidemic, and now, it is! thx

    Scally (not putting anything past the "well oiled machine" class...who supplies the oil for it i wonder?)
    So, what is the WTBTS gonna do? Pull evey related page they can? Put an article out demanding all jws stay off internet entirel, or else?

  • outnfree

    Hi, Scally!

    They are going to continue to vilify the internet, yes. The cover of the May 22, 2001 Awake! entitled "The New Look of TERRORISM" boasts three pictures: Japanese soldiers wearing gas masks (presumably after the sarin released in the subway); the Alfred P. Murrah govt. bldg. in Oklahoma City after the explosion; and, (to my mind) a Slavic-looking (read, to most Westerners, "dangerous Communist") man using a laptop.

    There is a box on page 6 warning about "Cyberattacks." USA Today is quoted as having said: "New computer and communications technology and links with organized crime make terrorism even more difficult to combat."

    The series of article focus on "eco-, bio-, and cyber-terrorism."

    The [not-too-subtle] message is that cyberspace is dangerous.

    And it is. In more ways than one for the WTBTS thanks to you, Randy and other brave souls.


  • RunningMan

    Here's an interesting piece of logic for you:

    If the society says that the presence of cyber-
    terrorists is a reason to avoid the cyber system,
    then the existance of eco-terrorists is a reason
    to avoid the eco system.

    I think the society should avoid the eco system.
    They are already a questionable part of the
    bio system.

  • outnfree

    LOL, RunningMan

  • Dogpatch

    Actually, I have never taken anything off because of fear of the Watchtower. With me it is more likely to assume that either links have been broken to temporary URLs, or I forget where things are. With over 100 megabytes and thousands of files online, it is at times hard to keep track. If you supply me with the URLs/info I will put them up. Thanks!

  • Mulan

    Hi Randy, I was in your area last week for a quick business trip. As we were leaving LAX, I saw the sign to Manhattan Beach and waved. It was so last minute, my going on the trip, that I didn't think about who I might call while I was there. Mulan/Marilyn

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