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  • alecsandra

    Hey there, fellow XJWs!

    I am looking for anyone who is from the Toledo, OH or Monroe, MI area or anyone who camped in our yard during a convention around 1968.

    I grew up in Monroe County, MI and moved to Holland, OH as a teen, but know many from both places. In Toledo, went to Jackson, Dorr St and Oak Openings Congregations. In Monroe, went to Monroe, before it became two congregations. I left the organization in 1979, at age 21 (you can figure out how old I am ...LOL).

    In particular I am looking for the Jay family (Tom & Helen are the parents)... esp Kathy, Steve, Wade and Jenny.

    I am also looking for Dave and Dale Thoman (Dale & Elaine parents) and Greg Ferguson (from Toledo, mom is Ann).

    However, if you know me or even if you don't, feel free to write to me. I grew up as Sande Barrett, daughter of Leroy & Bertha. When we lived in MI we had an inground pool that everyone swam in, and one year we even had a campground on our property that we operated for a convention. Perhaps you stayed there?

    I look forward to hearing from more XJWS!!!

    AlecSandra (aka Sande)

  • Jesika

    Hi alec,

    My name is Jesika and I was born in Toledo. My father went to the Jackson cong and his name is Mike Thoman. Dale is my cousin (I think).

    I live in Texas now, but I do know Dale. I haven't talked to him in many yrs and he is still a JW, I got disfellowshiped when I was 15, that was 12yrs ago.

    Do you know my father??

  • alecsandra

    Yes, I know Mike, too, but not as well as I knew Dale and Dave. Is your dad still a JW?

    He might remember me as Sande Barrett, of the "Barretts who had the pool in Temperance." I think that's how our whole family is remembered. Sad, huh?

    If I remember right, my niece (she is my age) Sue Korecki, used to have a mad crush on your dad. LOL

    Small world, eh?


  • Jesika

    That was my same thinking "small world".

    Yes, my dad is still a JW.

    I left Ohio when I was 2 and then moved to TX when I was 4. So, I don't remember very many from there unless my parents talked about them.

    My mom and dad are no longer together. They are both remarried and my mom is no longer a JW.

    You know Dale's wife?? Katherine?? She recently died of cancer. I wish I could have gone to the funeral, but I am sure I wouldn't have been welcome. I didn't have the $ to go anyway.

    Oh, I I think Dale was my uncle, not my cousin. I was thinking about Doug(being my cousin), not Dale.

    OH, BTW-----WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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