what to make of this.

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  • kls

    My jw husband told me the other day he went to a car dealership and was talking to an employee there he knew, they were watching this woman walking back and forth between cars praying.My husband asked his friend what is she doing? his friend replyed , she's been here before she is a jehovah witness, with that my husband replyed , i am a witness and we don't act like her ,praying to cars. His friend took him inside and showed a watch tower that had been changed. He noticed the tower on the cover was gone and the place it was published had never been printed , it looked like the real thing but certain printing were missing.Anyone ever hear or see this? if so who and what are these people or magazines? KLS

  • Warrigal

    Was the title of the magazine "The Watchtower"?

  • johnny_was_good

    It could be a watchtower that was used in a forbidden country. I've seen this once when I visited a branch office.

    The title of the magazine is not on it. Also on page 2 some parts are missing. I think only the index table is printed on page 2.

  • kls

    WARRIGAL, in response to you'r ques. from what my hubby said yes it said watchtower with the picture of the tower missing.

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