Watchtower's Phoney Growth

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  • romansfourteen1to6

    They seem to be trying to talk themselves up but the fact is any supposed growth is the result of inactives who ran back to the halls a time or two after the 9-11 terrorist attack. That caused a peak month and that peak month's figure was the one and only they use to present as alleged proof of growth. The reality is that the Watchtower Sociey is in decline and that is also a reason why they are trying to attract Spanish speaking persons in New York via TV ads. The real statistics for the U.S. are down and going down. After war breaks out they will climb back up again some but then go down yet again. Misleadership from Ted Jarasz, publicly accused of being a child molestor by Pat Garza from back when he was a District Overseer in Los Angeles are one reason. Also the 10 year liason they had as a Non-Government Organization of the United Nations, and their policy of sending "repentant" child molestors door-to-door ( are becoming more and more known among rank-and-file.

  • Francois

    There's no such thing as a "repentant" child molester, there's just child molesters who have been caught by other than the official constabulary and who are justifiably quivering in their boots for fear of being turned in to an official agency that will really "help" them deal with their problem.

    And the WTBTS knows this. They just can't say bye-bye to 27,290 publishers just now when all the real numbers are in a downhill slide.

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