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  • Phil

    A few years ago We lived in a different city and my wife and I had a battle when a JW would come to the door. My wife liked to hide and like to answer the door and talk to them. I am rather stubborn that way. Noone on this planet is going to stop me from doing what I want in my own home.

    The last visit was with a woman who thought she knew everything. I told her that she was misguided. The reply was "of course not". Well I mentioned that I had a book "Crisis... and in the same sentence I mentioned that she would not be permitted to read it as it was on JW shit list. Well she proceded to read me the riot act and that noone is going to tell her what to read or not read.

    I handed her the book and told her she can borrow the book so she could take it with her. She took the book and I haven't seen her since. I wonder what happened to her?

    In a previous encounter, I asked what was her definition of a lie. Her answer was an "untruth". So I countered with the question, "what if I were to describe a situation that happened and I omitted certain aspects which would lead you to believe the opposite to what actually happened, would you consider it a lie. She was totally speechless. For a JW to be speechless, especially her, is a rare event. I find that in having a conversation with JW's it is best to ask questions and study to find out what questions to ask.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hi Phil; welcome glad your are here..... i like your thinking already i one post i see you show the jw's no quarter....god bless you... i hate them also and rip them to the bone at every chance.... look foward to reading more of your posts...john

  • pr_capone

    Welcome to the board Phil! We seem to be of like mind as I myself am just waiting for the opportunity when a JW knocks on my door.

  • MaudeW

    Hi Phil:

    Can't say I hate Jehovah's Witnesses because I used to be one of them. I pity them because they are brainwashed "sheep" like I was. I wanted to respond to your post though. I thought it was interesting that the "sister" took your book. I can't believe she did that! I remember wanting to discuss anti-JW literature one time with a regular pioneer and she told me to throw it in the garbage - she didn't even want to see it because, "You don't have to learn a lie to tell the truth." They have so many pat answers to questions they don't know the real answer too. I do hope this gal read Mr. Franz's book, but I wouldn't hold my breath. That would take independent though, something that Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to possess.

  • BadJerry

    Me thinks you should have gotten her name, address, and phone number. If I were a betting man, I'd wager alot of anything you never see the book again. On the other hand, maybe she read it, passed it on to another friend, and just like a really good virus, you cause the complete disintegration of the WTBTS....

  • Mum

    Phil and MaudeW, welcome to the forum.

    I, too, do not hate JW's, having been one myself. However, I am glad to hear that they are challenged in a way that might help them toward freedom and peace. Bless you, Phil.

    MaudeW, did you ever live in Kentucky when you were a JW? Did you marry a brother from Ohio?



  • SheilaM

    Welcome Maude and Phil

  • MaudeW

    No to both questions Sandra.

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