Latest recruitment effort in NYC

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  • Patriot

    Changing the channels last night, I came accross the spanish broadcasting station- "Telemundo".

    They were airing a commercial made by the Jdubs!

    The Narrator asked the viewer if they were feeling depressed due to the recent changes and threats that we live under and pointed to the Bible as the only way out of these troubled times.

    Of course it then pointed to visiting your local congo., accepting a visit of the dibs or calling a 1-888 number that I didnt get because I was so perplexed.

    I talked to my Mom today being that she is always watching the spanish soap operas and she said that those commercials have been airing alot lately and that there are several different ones.

    She said there is even one showing a disitrict convention in progress and it gave the # again. She said she called (she used to be a dub also and was curious) and that the person she spoke to said that they were not aware of any commercials airing.

    I asked her if it was the society that answered the phone but she did'nt know.

    Funny how they would use "Satans eye" to promote their cause.


  • Dia

    Guess Silent Lambs better make sure they have a Spanish version.

    Obviously, they think they can get away with this right now.

    We all need to learn how to say and write, IN SPANISH, 'Jehovah's Witnesses, very bad' , 'pedophiles', 'too much sex crimes', 'Jehovah's Witnesses very bad for children and families'.

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  • Gopher

    Dia's post in Spanish (using Babelfish from Alta Vista):

    Los corderos silenciosos de la conjetura mejores se cercioran de ellos tienen una versin espaola.

    Obviamente, los piensan pueden conseguir lejos con esto ahora.

    Nosotros toda la necesidad de aprender cmo decir y escribir, EN ESPAOL, a los ' testigos de Jehov, muy malos ', a ' pedophiles ', de ' a los crmenes demasiado sexo ', a los ' testigos de Jehov muy malos para los nios y a familias '.

  • Marcos

    Thanks Gopher.

    Problem is, Bablefish pretty much sucks. It's translations into Spanish don't make much sense. Here is an alternative translation:

    Me parece que los de los Silent Lambs deben cerciorarse que tengan una version en espanol.

    Obviamente creen que pueden salir con la suya esta vez (los Testigos de Jehova).

    Debemos aprender como decir en espanol que son muy malos los Testigos de Jehova, pedofilos, demasiados crimenes sexuales, y que son muy malos para los ninos y para las familias los Testigos de Jehova.



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    Edited yet again because of missing letters in the words.

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  • Dia

    Thanks!! You guys are THE BEST!

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