WT's Farm or Villa in FLORIDA?

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  • Gerard


    Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

    Division of Fruit and Vegetables
    Winter Haven, FL

    The following licenses have been issued
    for the 2002-2003 season
    as of 01/10/2003
    Date: 01/10/2003
    File: FVBL0018
    Page: 17
    Season: 2002-2003
    License Number 210



    City Lehigh Acres


    Amount 5,000

    This may be someone's villa payed with YOUR contributions...

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  • email

    That's true... They have MANY acres of citrus and other friuts and vegetables here in FL.

    I remember every couple of years congregations would volunteer for a nice day at the Watchtower farms to pickup all kinds of citrus friuts... then after a long hot hard working "joyous" day under the sun they would ONLY let you take home the orages and or tangerines, etc. that did NOT passed inspection and were "scrap" to throw away... I remember brothers looking at those boxes like dogs looking through garbage for food....

    They had the WHOLE process set up there... in one day we would pickup, wash, box, weigh and fill 2 WT 18 wheelers with oranges.

    God... I remember feeling good doing something for our 'brothers' @ the HQ's, Patterson and other places where those citruses would end up while eating a half rotten orange that was the only thing I was allowed to take with me. Sad.

  • Banshee

    Hey, get this: I live in Lehigh Acres and I know where that citrus grove is located. My mother has volunteered there many times. Also, in 2001, when she went to volunteer, they had her group of volunteers ride in the bed of a pickup. When Mom went to jump down out of the truck, after a long day of volunteering, she landed on the gravel, slipped and broke her arm. She had to go in for emergency surgery (where they had to use metal plates and screws to put the forearm back together), which cost her & Dad a pretty penny.

    Dad wanted to sue the Society for damages because of the unsafe way the volunteers were transported and because they never offered to help out at all with the medical costs even after they found out what had happened to my mother (who has been faithful JW for nearly 40 years). Of course, mom would not hear of nor consent to taking legal action against the WBTS. No, she just blamed herself for being too clumsy and said it would be wrong to sue the WBTS for what happened (translation: she was too afraid to take legal action because she could get disfellowshipped for it).

    Oh, and the caretakers that I last heard live on that citrus grove/farm are Peter and Kim Winke (not sure if the spelling is correct on the last name). I remember meeting Kim Winke and I definitely could feel the self-righteousness emanating from her. As far as I know, there is no villa located there...YET! LOL


  • CoonDawg

    The grove is also used as a freight depot for literature going to the southern states. A couple of WTS "good buddies" bring books and magazines down...and tote citrus and other produce back to NY.


    PS...For those of you unfamiliar to trucking terms..."Good Buddy" is no longer complimentary...but denotes a couple of C*ck hungry homosexuals...and if you think that these two that drive down aren't you are kidding yourself. they are homosexual sluts.

  • sf

    Johnny...I got your juice right here baby! {{{ hugs tightly }}}

    Found some 'tidbets' to nibble on here:

    [PDF] TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2003 TAPE 2003-06, SIDE A ONLY Invocation: ...
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    ... the appropriate amount of land for a residence in the Lehigh area was five acres. ... When
    an alarm went off in the watchtower grove area, it took LaBelle 35 ...
    www.hendryclerk.org/CM20030128.pdf - Similar pages

    Here, you will see they indeed are listed:

    [PDF] SHIPPERS – 2002-03 Season:
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    Page 1. SHIPPERS – 2002-03 Season: Licensed and Registered with
    the Florida Department of Citrus, Lakeland, Florida as of March ...
    www.floridajuice.com/floridacitrus/FDOC/shipper.pdf - Similar pages

    Kishauwau on the Vermilion - Area Attractions and Information
    ... Lehigh Park is a 27-acre wooded park area consisting of shelters for ... e-mail: [email protected]
    This park consists of 2,630 acres and is ... Watchtower Study 10:30am ...
    www.kishauwau.com/area.html - 28k - Cached - Similar pages


  • imallgrowedup

    Here is some more information on them regarding a vineyard. Only it's not owned by them ... what could they b doing?


  • SpiceItUp

    Wow does this thread take me back. I remember picking some oranges at that farm with my family back several years ago. Funnie thing was that for all our hard work and effort we never even got to have any oranges. We were only given basic refreshments (aka water) for our time and effort. What a scam. Geeez.

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