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  • Gig

    More than once in my meetings/studies with JW's they have called attention to Daniel 11:35...

    "Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time." (NIV)

    I'm sure you can see how the JW's use this verse, and to keep the table open I'll withold my perspective, but please offer your thoughts.

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    My thought Gig is why would that verse have only to do with the Jehovah Witness Religion?

    Why not with all Religions professing to serve The Christ?

    You see Jehovah Witnesses are very self- centered because they are an introverted society. They feel any scripture that puts Religious leaders in a good light must be speaking of Their Beloved Governing Body.

    It may be so too that the scripture does mean their Governing Body BUT also any other Religious leader of persons trying their best to serve God!

    My application to this scripture would disturb a JW as they believe their Religion the ONLY true Christian Religion.

    They separate brothers in Christ by knit picking at each Religions Doctrine instead of realizing that all religions HAVE ONE FAITH and thus are doing their best to walk on the narrow path.

    All Christianity is a restrictive way of life. That is you are with holding from yourself activities and beliefs that maybe the majority of Earths inhabitance profess to be good for people.

    All Christians are doing their best to follow the Christs teachings. Not just Jehovah Witnesses.

    My 2 cents, hope this helps a little if at all.

    Christian Love,


  • BluesBrother

    I know that you asked for my thoughts, but I looked up the "Daniels Propecy" , released 1999. Page 274 says, after relating vs 34 to the 1950's cold war period when spies tried to infiltrate the congs.

    "The infiltrators caused some faithful ones to fall into the hands of the authotities. Jehovah allowed such things to happen for a refining and cleansing of his people....................................................
    Jehovahs people were to experience stumbling and refining until the time of the end . Of course they expect to be persecuted until the end of this wicked system of things.. However the Aramaic equivilent of the word here translated "Until" appears in the Aramaic text of Daniel 7.25 and there means "during " or "for". Hence at Daniel 11.35,"the time of the end" must relate to the end of the period of time needed for Gods people to be refined while enduring the assault of the King of The North. The stumbling evidently ended at the time appointed by Jehovah."

    Can you make sense of that?

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