What Do You Do to Relax?

by cruzanheart 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • xjw_b12


    I almost zipped by your thread. I thought it was a Minimus post !

    Note to cj...hey did ya see what Fe203girl replied ?

    My relaxation therapy is find a buddy, with a white unmarked van, and take my Super Soaker water gun, and go out and "splash" unsuspecting dubs on street corner work.

    Just kiddin, but the thought has crossed my mind.!

  • calamityjane

    My relaxation therapy is find a buddy, with a white unmarked van, and take my Super Soaker water gun, and go out and "splash" unsuspecting dubs on street corner work.

    b12 would that buddy be ME?

  • dottie

    I like to kick back with good friends and have nice dinner and perhaps a few drinks. I also like to take my dogs for walks...that's always good to decompress


  • SheilaM

    Well, for general relaxation I have my Thunder Riderhe can relieve what ever stress I am feeling LOL I have my art which is a great stress reliever, I read alot and love to sleep which I am very good at I also like to take bubble baths in my claw foot bath tub. In summer I am an avid gardener Thunder usually calls me "dirty girl" since he is use to seeing me spotless all the time he gets a kick out of me with dirt all over my face etc.

    For vacation relaxation, we go to Colorado<Nathrop area> and I love Florida especially the Keys, Thunder and I are seriously considering moving there soon.

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  • cruzanheart

    Well, I ended up dragging Big Tex (he didn't protest much) to a sushi restaurant we hadn't tried before. It's called Blue Fish and has 2-for-1 sushi at lunch, and it is yummy! And we sipped green tea and talked and enjoyed what is turning into a beautiful day, all golden sun and cool breezes. It was very relaxing and we both enjoyed being able to complete sentences without little ones interrupting.

    I love all of your posts! Especially the ones that talk about being anywhere near a beach - that's GUARANTEED relaxation for me. However, since I'm in landlocked Dallas with enough debt to keep me off the airlines, I'll just have to make do.

    May all of you have a wonderful, relaxing day, or, in the case of us working moms, at least ten minutes of uninterrupted time in the bathroom.

    Love to all,


  • Warrigal

    I like long walks with the dog, working with my plants...transplanting, grafting and rooting, and going for motorcycle rides. YeeeHaaaa


  • Kenneson

    Reading these threads relax me. (Reading anything generally has that effect on me). T.V. does also.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Having my wife give me a long and deep back massage followed immediately by sweaty snugglebunnies relaxes me.

  • manon

    When I need to relax I remove myself from all forms of activity, sounds, etc. I retreat into the quiet & stillness and I stay in it for a while.


  • Solace


    Take some time for yourselves, you and your hubby deserve it!

    Bubblebaths with pretty candles everywhere are my favorite way to relax, followed by snuggling, a glass of wine, my favorite coffee or a hot cup of tea.

    Sometimes I find that if I step into a room that doesnt contain my children, I instantly relax.

    I cant imagine why.

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