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    I am reading a book titled: End-Time Visions, The Road to Armageddon. In it the author (Richard Abanes) mentions Tim LaHaye, who I believe is the author of the Left Behind series of books.

    Interestingly, the End-Times book shows how LaHaye also looked to 1914 as the beginning of the "last generation" and eventually changed this "date" to a later date.

    I am going to do some more research on this, to see if there is any connection with LaHaye and the Bible Students or Witnesses (although I believe he would be considered an Evangelical Christian), but I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about this?



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  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    Read 'Gentile Times Reconsidered' By Carl Olaf Jonsson

    The opening chapters show many parallels between early thoughts of the bible students and other groups. The Idea of 1914 isnt unique to JW's, they simply stole it from somebody else.

    Check it out!

  • justhuman

    The idea the STOLE it from Henry Miller a pyramidologist who counted the length of Gizah pyramid and reached to 1914!!!

    So JW really have roots going to the OCCULT

  • LovesDubs

    ...doesnt everybody know that when they built the Great Pyramid, they measured in INCHES and FEET? LOLOL

  • RunningMan

    justhuman: I think you mean William Miller. Henry was a writer.

    William Miller pointed to 1844 as the end of the world. He eventually lead a group of his followers up to a hilltop to wait for the end. When it didn't come, the group retreated and split up, but his ideas spawned the adventist movement, of which the JWs are a sub-group.

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