Why did Jesus need to experience a human childhood?

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  • HB

    I've never been a JW and haven't ever studied the bible or theology so it may be that there is a simple answer to my question that I'm not aware of, in which case, please forgive my ignorance. However I have wondered about this for quite some time and have scoured the internet but I can't find any mention of the topic. Maybe someone here might enlighten me.

    (Looking at the bigger picture, the answer to my question is actually easy, i.e. the stories in the bible are merely illogical mad made myths, but for the purpose of this question, it’s necessary to go with the theoretical premise that the bible is true).

    So the question is: Why did Jesus have to start life on earth in the womb, be born, and grow through babyhood, childhood and teenage into manhood?

    What did this achieve? Why could the purpose of His life on earth not have been fulfilled by arriving as a fully grown adult? If his second coming will be as an adult, why could his first not also have been? Jesus’s mission, his preaching, miracles and eventual death were all undertaken as a grown man.

    The potential answer that God wished Jesus to experience as many facets of human existence as possible, in order to understand human nature, doesn’t quite work. There were many very important aspects of life Jesus did not have any experience of, such as being married, being a parent, etc, and he missed out completely on one of the most common and basic human experiences – i.e. being female, with all that that entails. Also he was a perfect man and had God as a father, so he could never have completely experienced the essence of the human condition anyway. But he could have discovered for himself the trials of being poor, hungry and oppressed etc even if he had arrived fully grown.

    It would have been easy for an all-powerful God to organise sending his adult son to arrive (in Bethlehem or wherever) around 30CE, and give him a head full of the necessary knowledge for negotiating the middle eastern culture and religion. If Jesus suddenly appeared from the sky in a blaze of light in front of a large crowd, and then started preaching and demonstrating his ability to heal the sick and perform other miracles, his ‘Son of God’ persona would have been clearly evident, so he would not have needed to travel around gathering followers, he could have stayed in one place and people would have come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse of him. I guess the Romans would have wanted to kill him even more.

    Another critical point, to be the perfect ransom sacrifice, Jesus was supposed to be equivalent to Adam who arrived on earth as an adult, not a baby. Adam must have been given basic knowledge by God in order to survive, so why not do the same for Jesus?

    Jesus coming as an adult would be far simpler; it would avoid the complex mystery of how exactly Mary’s ovum was fertilised and whose DNA was in the 23 chromosomes normally supplied by the father. And it would have avoided the trauma for Joseph of hearing his fiancée was pregnant, and presumably Mary's shame of being unmarried.

    I can't think why was it necessary for Jesus to have earthly parents and a childhood, as nothing important seems to have been gained by this. God would have simply had to give different ‘inspiration’ to the Old Testament prophets so that rather than foretelling that the Messiah would be descended from David , the prophesy would be that the Saviour would come from Heaven.

    If Ive missed something and there is an explanation more satisfying than just that ‘it's a mystery and God knows best’, I'd like to understand it.


    Why did Jesus need to experience a human childhood?

    If Jesus hadn`t been a child, he wouldn`t have had a Yo-Yo..

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  • Ruby456

    HB that would be as implausible as OUTLAW's YOYO

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    God made a covenant with David that his line would serve as king for eternity. Mary was from that line as well when Joseph became Jesus adopted father Jesus received the line through Joseph as well. And since Jesus was a product of both holy spirit and Mary he was human and that served as a balance for the human adam.

  • ttdtt

    Richard Oliver - since the (fake) Adam sinned before that "covenant" doG didnt have any reason in the universe to made that deal with david - or have it have anything to do with stupid and completely Uncheckable genealogy.

    If jesus appeared flying down from the sky on a unicorn with wings - he could have still fulfilled his job of being loyal and true to the great north korean dictator in the sky.

    BUT he had to be born cuz it is all a fake story made up in the heads of little people.

  • waton

    The bible, like other mythologies, depicts a fascination of the supposed spirit world with the young female humans, their connections producing demi gods almost invulnerable, Baldur: shoulder, the Achilles heel, Jesus. everlasting earthly life, angelically protected.

    why would the childish Jesus story be different, it had credibility added by the earlier versions.

  • snowbird

    I believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Seed of the Woman prophesied in Genesis.

    To fulfill this Prophecy, the Seed had to be conceived, gestated, and born as any other human; the only difference is the Seed has God as His Father, thereby being both God and human - sinless.

    As such, the Seed, upon coming of age, could have created another woman, and started a new family.

    But, instead of this, He chose to redeem the family He already had, tainted though they were.

    These are simply my thoughts on the matter.


  • scratchme1010

    You know, it will be a great game to see who comes up with the most ridiculous explanation given by religion for that. I'm glad that I don't even remember what nonsense the Wt came up with to explain Jesus of Nazareth being the son of Jehovah and his purpose to being here as a human being.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Did Jesus ever throw a tantrum as a four year old because he didn't get his way, refuse to eat his vegetables or date a young lady...Every young man between 15-18years old have one thing on their mind that weird feeling towards women.I would love to sit down with Jesus and ask, how were you able to deal with that strong human emotion I bet you took a lot of cold showers.....That's' why that part of story is missing, I would love to hear what the others kids in the neighborhood have to say about Jesus as a teenager, he thought he was GOD.......

  • TheWonderofYou

    what if living in "this evil generation" was the only issue, as well as even overlapping with Zachary's , Herode's, Mary's and lately also Pauls evil generation. He had certainly actually to accomplish an earthly life comprising childhood and adulthood in an evil generation to be able to speak originally about "this generation", otherwise these words would have no significance for us today and would be meaningless and our understanding of this generation would have no basis.

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