Trickle or flood?

by joey jojo 8 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Now that some reasonably big changes have occurred in a short time frame, whats next? Will the GB let the dust settle for a bit, or will they keep dropping bombs this year?

  • GrreatTeacher

    Obviously we'll have to wait and see, but it does really feel like a dam has burst lately!

  • Vidiot

    By all means, keep the hits a-comin’… 😏

  • BoogerMan

    "Word on the streets" seem to indicate that the org's chariot is speeding up and will issue more "adjustments" in 2024. If so, the Guardians Of Doctrine (GODS) will almost certainly not do so until the Annual Meeting in October.

    I suspect (and hope!) that many KH's are going to experience either silent or vocal dissensions & fall-outs, resulting in serious schisms.

    It's a common occurrence these days for families & close friendships to end when opposite views are expressed, e.g. Brexit, Scottish independence, plandemics & experimental jabs, so I'd expect the JW-world to follow suit.

  • TonusOH

    Well, there is a lot to fix, although most of the fixes amount to "we will no longer stick our noses into your personal business." Doing it gradually might get people thinking that the changes will never end, but pushing them across faster could alienate a lot of people who otherwise would have made adjustments over time.

    Maybe they could get away with a quicker pace, if the changes are of the 'conscience matter' variety (ie, no more sticking their noses in your personal business). Some might not want to make decisions for themselves after so many years of conditioning, but freedom tends to feel good almost every time.

  • Vidiot

    I would prefer “we will no longer make you feel like hammered shit just for being yourselves”.

  • iloowy.goowy

    They did warn about not freaking out about decisions which would seem ridonkulous from a human perspective, of course I paraphrase for perceived understanding

  • truthlover123

    I believe this was a well planned shock just before memorial so numbers would be better. Has there been any updates at hall level as to numbers increased this year that are way over expected? This had been planned for some time but when to drop it was the work of experts. The PR team they have know all the timings of news releases, why not the beard, slacks, etc. changes? I find it disgusting that comments indicate this "blessing" has been new light from above. Always beards in scripture, their pictures of Jesus show him in a beard yet they denied every male from having one? Foolish men in the congregation believed what they said on their power trip.

    A well timed news release to bring people back in- hopefully they won't fall for this new scam to get money.

  • Vidiot
    iloowy.goowy - They did warn about not freaking out about decisions which would seem ridonkulous from a human perspective…”

    Thing is…

    …these changes are, arguably, sensible from a “human perspective”.

    It’s from an ideological standpoint that the rank-and-file are having a tough time wrapping their heads around it.


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