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  • uriah

    I was looking at the questions that people ask e-Watchman and have come to the conclusion that he has a foot in both camps, being 'lukewarm' so to speak. Below I copy a question and part of the answer.I have highlighted in red what I consider to be the salient part of the question. If you go and look at the full answer you will see that he does not answer the question at all but pads out his reply, casting red herrings into the water so that it appears to be an answer and by the time you have read to the end you have, more or less forgotten what the question was. This reminds me of a mormon I used to correspond with. When I asked a question I would get loads of material that said nothing about the original question but answred questions I had not asked. Has anybody else come to this conclusion or is it just me being cynical?

    I have been inactive for years, And I truly want to be whole souled when I return. So please do not answer with an arrogant attitude. I have two questions. If many of our sisters and brothers died in Africa because of political persecution due to non-association of political association. Why was getting a political card in Mexico acceptable? Please do not say that was not true since we have a large Hispanic congregation in this area and they say it was allowed and provided me with the letters from the organization? #2 Not that I'm questioning voting, but why is the answer so flaky about voting since many were disfellowshipped and lost their lives regarding the situation? And we were always admonished to stand firm, not wavering for the faith even to death. I do not want to be viewed as apostate but truly searching for the truth. Thank you

    First: The situation in Malawi and Mexico were not identical. In Malawi, the government under Dr. Banda literally declared 'open season' on Jehovah's Witnesses. They lost all privileges of citizenship. They were fired from their jobs. Their homes and possessions were confiscated. They lost police protection, and so, gangs of patriotic thugs raped our women, and the brothers were beaten and imprisoned. Ultimately, most of Jehovah's Witnesses fled into neighboring Mozambique to escape the persecution.

    The situation in Mexico was nothing compared to that in Malawi. In Mexico, the brothers had to have a document stating that they served compulsory military service. There was no real penalty other than it was difficult to travel, and perhaps obtain certain employment, without that certificate. So, the brothers there were unfortunately ill-advised to avoid the inconvenience by means of the 'mordida'--- Spanish for "the bite," which is in reference to offering a bribe. By the way, bribery is the all-to-common way of conducting legal and business matters in Latin America. The mordida is so prevalent in Mexico that it is even considered as an unofficial fee that has to be paid in order to get things done.

    Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses have peddled the lie that the dark-skinned Africans were thrown to the wolves, while the Watchtower favored the Mexican brothers. That is simply not true. The Mexican brothers were not persecuted if they did not have that card. And given the rabid nature of the persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Malawi, they would have been persecuted even if they had purchased the political ID card. That is not to say that the Watchtower's advice to the Mexican brothers to pay the mordida was right, but the situation in Mexico was in no way comparable to the plight of the brothers in Malawi.

  • czarofmischief

    His game is an old one - he's spent too much time with his nose in old books and has gotten this weird messianic complex. He presumes to utter judgements on everything under the sun, including what he deems to be the correct interpretation of Bible Prophecy. His writings are interesting, but a little research using his supporting links leads you to bizarre conspiracy theory websites.

    The proof is in the pudding, as it were. He claims to have a message from God, to have interpreted the prophecies correctly. Let's see if America falls like he claims, if the Watchtower crumbles like his theories presuppose.

    Private correspondence with him led only to his claim that I was deceiving myself, was an unacceptable sinner, and that I'd better repent before the nuclear weapons start popping.

    Just another nut job from dubdom.


  • ExpandedMind

    I also have noticed that many of his/her comments do not directly answer the question that was asked.

    Even though he/she appears to be more open minded when it comes to discussing various issues, I have noticed a condescending attitude in his/her writing. They do appear to feel they have been specially selected by Jehovah to make these pronouncements, which is evident in many of the answers. And obviously this person thinks it is OK for him/her to have dealings with ex-JWs since many of the questions asked appear to be from that "source".

    He/she admonishes others not to be causing divisions and seems to think it is best not to speak of things that one is doubting about, yet how is his/her writing not causing division? It would be interesting to have him/her openly state why they have the authority to expose the WTS, etc and yet others do not.


    "The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size." --- Oliver Wendell Holmes

  • uriah


    I have copied and pasted your question in the last paragraph, and sent it to e-watchman. I await his reply with interest. I also thought it dubious that a practising JW would write a 'Christmas Message'. Maybe he thinks he is his holiness the pope?

    I think Czar is probably right in his assumption and that this guy, whilst writing some thought provoking things, is on a 'messiah' trip. Time will tell.

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