Black History Month.. and a great Documentary

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  • Xandria

    HBO, did an excellent documentary on Former Slave Narratives that were archived 70 years ago and just have become more accessable. This is what taught history skirts around and should not. To forget ones past is a dangerous thing.

    If you get a chance, view it.

    IT hit home for me due to what we are trying to save. A part of Elmwood Cemetery now, was known as Pinewood Cemetery. Former Slaves were buried there and were segregated by a fence. In 1969 that fence came down and Elmwood and Pinewood were no longer seperated. But there are still issues that seperate the City. An now Elmwood and Pinewood Cemeteries are in danger of being lost.

    There is a planned track expansion that will exhume 200 graves in both areas of the Cemetery. This is so the City can bring in a light rail train system. We feel the history should be remembered and taught. Many do not know of their own history and are willing to throw it away so development can come in.

    Anyway pretty soon if things continue.. what we have of the past shall fade away. Then will we remember the lesson's of our past or will we be doomed to repeat them ?

    Food for thought.

    Happy Black History Month to all.. hopefully we can share in all history from all spectrums and races to learn from one another. Knowledge is the only way to put aside differences that divide so many.


  • Shutterbug

    Slaves were buried there and were segregated by a fence

    Can anyone tell me the purpose of segregating someone after death? I am 66 years old and I have never seen a dead person hurt anyone. The old army post cemetary at El Reno, Oklahoma has German and Itialian prisoners of war, who died while they were POW's during WW2, segregated by a stone fence. Doesn't make sense to me. Come to think of it, segregation doesn't make a whole lot of sense, dead or alive. Bug

  • happyout

    Great site, and I hope to spend more time on it in the future. Segregation, IMHO, is and was one groups way of making themselves feel good by acting as though they are superior to another group.

    My sincere hope is that within my son's life, there won't be a need for "Black History Month" because history will be taught truthfully, with acknowledgement of the mistakes and good decisions that went into the making of America. I would like to see true recongition given to all the races, sexes, etc. that contributed to making the US what it is today.

    Thanks for a great thread, and Happy Black History Month to everyone.


  • Xandria


    You have me there, I have not seen the dead harm anyone unless it is a zombie movie. Ridiculous as it seems segregation is still an issue. Here especially, in the schools, in communities, and in life. I have seen hatred filled glares focused upon me because I look white. But then when they hear of my "brown" roots then I am accepted. An vise versa, they see my "brown" roots and hate me for that. Color of skin should not be a sum of a person's being.

    Go figure.

    Happyout, I agree with you. I hope one day we all can come together as the HUMAN RACE instead of just race.

    Something we can work towards for the future.


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