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  • CoonDawg

    I need to know the name of an aggressive attorney in the Metro Chicago area that specialized in Child Custody cases.

    As many of you know, I am pushing to get custody of my daughter from my ex. After her holding out on telling me about my daughter being molested by her stepdad, I figure it's time for a change.

    My attorney told me that I wouldn't stand much of a chance of being successful in the state of Missouri, so she advised me to retain an attorny up there. She said she could take my money knowing that there is a good chance it would be thrown out...but that she wouldn't feel right doing that.

    So, If any of you can help me, I'd be gratefull.


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  • Brummie

    Coondawg I dont know if this will help but Duane Magnani is hot on the ball with custody cases, he's a good friend and a wealth of information for anyone struggling with these issues.

    email: [email protected]

    He's in Calif but may know someone local to you.


  • CoonDawg

    Thanks brummie...I will email him. I sure need all the help I can get. The big problem is that I live in Tennessee, our Divorce, up to this point has been handled in Missouri, but my daughter now lives in the Chicago metro area.

    Thanks again.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    The best way to start is to first get together all your stuff. This will save a lot of money on a custody case. Gather together all documentation that you can; gather a witness list and call all the people and make sure they will testify on your behalf/testify truthfully about what they know, etc. Write a chronological history dealing with all incidents of abuse, negligence by the Mother and Stepfather, etc. THEN find an attorney up there. Do all the work the attorney is gonna do/dish out BEFORE you go. I am afraid that I have no attorney contacts up there, but know that a good way to look anything up is to go to and see if you can find something on there that might help you. Good luck!

    Country Girl

  • CoonDawg

    Well, thanks, CG....I already have everything together as I had an attorney in the state of Missouri. She was ready to draw up the motion for a change of custody and just wanted to make me aware of all this before I spent the money to do all this. She is a great attorney and has represented me on other occasions and we emerged triumphant. I will check out was hoping that someone here may have personal knowlege of an attorney that is a real shark when it comes to the custody stuff.



  • Utopian_Raindrops


    My Aunt is using this guy for her divorce.

    Hes good and he lays it all out for you straight up.

    Alan D. Hoffenberg

    180 North La Salle Street

    Suite 2101

    Chicago IL. 60601

    (312) 346- 4057

    FAX. (312) 346 5400

    Palatine Office

    425 Creekside Drive

    Palatine, IL. 60067

    I hope this helps CoonDawg!!

    God Bless And Be With You And You Little One.

    Christian Love,


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