I think I`m catching Ally Mcbeal sickness.....

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  • Sparks

    ....and it`s GREAT!!! over the past few days, when ever I start to think of the witnesses,I hear Bob Dylan...I`ll try to explain. When I was still attending the meetings and still regarded my self as a witness.I would often hear very nasty remarks from other witnesses, mostly Elders and full time pioneers, about those that only came to the hall for the Memorial or C.Os visit.The most memorable time was while out on the minestry with an Elder.A young couple went by pushing their baby in a buggy.( They just are not intrested in the JW religion any-more, so don`t attend meetings.Full Stop). The Elder I was with, made a very nasty remark about them which was totally uncalled for and out of order in my books.So I was moved to remind him of Jesus` s illustration of the Prodical son...ie..the son wanted his inheritance early so he could go out into the big wide world and enjoy wine/women and song. The father gave his son the dosh,and very lovingly told the son he would always be welcome back.In other words,he wasn`t shunned for wanting to leave and go into the world...it was his choice, and his choice alone;( just like the young couple in question). I did not mention that I dissagree with the WTBS on dissfellowshiping.I could have added, Later, when the Prodical son returned home,his loving father held a huge welcome back party( fatted bull etc..),the son couldn`t of enjoyed a party held specifically in his honour, had he`d been dissfellowship for Bonking all them prostitutes etc..if every one present refused to talk to him...!!! The eldest son was the only one totally pissed-off. I believe that Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity, and the very name, Christian, means He and He alone sets the rules, we calling ourselves Christian should follow Him; not the imperfect old farts in Brooklyn.I didn`t tell this elder that, because I could see from the look on his face, that he was already pissed-off by me putting him right about that young couple...he may have got me dissfellowshiped, for talking against the Society...

    Okay, maybe it is abit naff all these ones coming out of the woodwork just for the Memorial,COs visit and other special meetings,even weddings.But only Jesus and God can read hearts,these self-rightous Nerds have no right to judge.It used to really sicken me to stand at the book counter and hear these supercillious creeps in The In-crowd run down these ones and cowardly talk behind their backs.I wish that for just one time, they could see themselves as I see them. I divorced the WTBS a few months ago,my list of reasons has grown since reading your posts on this Forum, and I`m thankful to you all, but one of my main reasons for leaving them was because of their cold heartedness and out-right hatred of those that just wanted to leave or dissociate themselves for their personal reasons....

    Over the past few days, when ever I look back and think of the things I mentioned above^, I keep hearing Bob Dylan shouting out the words to his song......`I know the reason you talk behind my back, I used to be among the crowd your in with..... I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes,and for just that one moment I could be you..... you`d know what a drag it is to see you....

    Theres other good verses in that song,I really recommend you listening to it......Do you know any like it??? I love having this Ally Mcbeal sickness, I hope it lasts forever...Oh how I love Native New Yorkers....!!!

  • larc

    Sparks, I know that song well. Maggie's Farm also comes to mind, "they hand you a nickel, they hand you a dime, they ask you with a grin, are you having a good time, then they fine you every time you slam the door, I ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more." In another Dylan song, "out here next to me in this lonely crowd, there's a man who swears he's not to blame, all night long I hear him cry so loud, cryen out the he's been framed, I see my life come shinen, from the west down to the east, any day now, any way now, I shall be released."

  • Mary

    Sparks what a wonderful illustration you provided regarding the Prodigal Son and they way the Society treats those that leave!! I had never really thought about it that way before, but I'll be sure to remember it next time they give a holier-than-thou sermon on ignoring those who have left "the Truth".

  • Sparks

    Thankyou very much indeed larc, I will try to down-load them songs off Kazaa tomorrow, their perfect....Love em!!!!

    Hi Mary, thankyou so much for your warm comments.I have noticed that many JW publications when talking about Jesus`s illustrations tend to deal with the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class more than whats important to the average witness.There seems to be a >US and THEM attitude in the Governing body.Many of Jesus`s illustrations are lessons on how we should treat one another in our day to day lives, Good Samaritan etc...and the moral to the story is often lost due to this preoccupation the Society has with the Chosen ones.This is quiet clearly seen in The Greatest Man That Ever Lived book,where the real lesson is lost, or missed out all together.This to me is very sad, as many witnesses have become quiet stiff-necked.like the Jews were in Moses time,and some quiet heartless and cold...I have seen this at funerals etc..and when talking about persons not attending meetings regularly. Jesus`s lessons are moving and POWERFUL and if we are not moved by them,due to being side tracked,we don`t apply them in our dealings with others, as Jesus intended us to do.Personally Mary, I find when I read from the old King James Version about Jusus and His illustrations, I feel very spiritual, and often get all choked-up inside and cry.It`s very rare one sees a witness moved to tears at the Memorial or funerals etc..even with the solfies.Theres nothing wrong with reading the old Bible,I remember useing the KJV at the meetings before the New World Translation.But be warned Sweetheart, the Elders will not look kindly to you useing a differant Bible, the same as using old Watchtowers.( see Quotes Web-site).Thankyou very much indeed for your nice comments, I`m pleased my views some-times help others, but mostly, I hope you will listen to Jesus`s words more than imperfect mans, cos as LyinEyes said once `this is how Jesus ment it to be..Plain and simple..... ( differant time zone here in England ) Nite-nite and God bless.. Sparks

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Have you seen the dancing baby yet, Sparks?

  • TresHappy

    I think I would like to get what Ally McBeal has - Harrison Ford.

  • Sparks

    ....oops!!! Please-please-PLEASE forgive me Mary, when I read your reply last night, I was half asleep.It was in the wee small hours.Some-thing you said made me think you was still going to the meetings ....so sorry.(slap on the rist).

    Hi Fe203 Girl, .......only when I drink!!!You sound like you are a fan too,I just love the way Native New Yorkers talk so openly about their personal feelings etc...so oppersite to us Brits, we are so terrified not to appear NORMAL...When I start seeing Dancing babies, I`ll start a new Thread.....Thanxxx

    Hi Tres Happy, ....and I wouldn`t mind having what Harrison Ford has......!!! corrrrrr real Hot stuff. ( Ally`s cute too !).

  • Sparks

    OOPS...... Just in case some-ones still there. I am 1,000% straight. I ment I wouldn`t mind having Harrison Fords LOOKS. I really should listen to my self speak!!! I think Ally McBeals the sexist woman on T.V....I`m a legman,mini-skirts. ..corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

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