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    well done everyone some good comments varied and thought provoking. its good to see that there are some members out there who want serious debate. next point for discusion:

    what is the diference between human life and spirit creatures who take on bodly form such as the angels that appered to lot or the materalized angels who had realtions with human women at the time of Noah? Serious comments only no shit

  • Undecided

    You really think that happened? Maybe the question is more shit than the comments will be.

    Ken P.

  • Blueblades

    Human life is Birthed,Spirit life is not.Humanlife ends after so many years. Spirit life does not.Human life is short.Spirit life is long.Good and Bad human die from all kinds of things.Good and Bad Spirits live no matter what they do.

    Humans can't see God or the spirit world life activity.Spirits see the activity in both worlds and see God. Will this do for now? Blueblades

  • larc

    I don't believe that Bible story, not for one minute. I can't see the spirit world, so I know nothing about it. To say that there is a spirit world is an interesting hypothesis, but to describe how it is constituted is just making stuff up.

  • Blueblades

    Hi LARC ! Like you said,it's just a Bible story at best. The description is as good as any made up story in the Bible. Blueblades

  • Sargon

    what is the diference between human life and spirit creatures ?

    Easy BB, one is real and tangible; the other belongs to the world of Walt Disney and other fiction!!

  • CoonDawg

    Yep...those spirit folks are as real as all the horny greek gods, the characters in the tales by "The Brothers Grimm" and the tooth fairy. You can buy into it if you want, but it's just not credible to me.


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