Diapers A Threat To National Security!

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  • target

    I could not believe it! We have an internet business selling organic baby diapers and other baby things. We had a shipment from Sweden delivered by Air Born. It was diaper covers, swim diapers and rice paper liners for diapers. The shipment was half unpacked when Air Born came back and said they had to have it back because Bush had just up the security level and all shipments had to go back to customs to be held for who knows how long! After all, diaper covers could be terrorist weapons! A company that makes a cloth diaper with fleece lining said that customs is now holding their shipment of fleece. Yeah, some fleece fabric is a real danger to our country's security! Have they no common sense?

    I custom embroider golf towels. I can make one with a little pocket on it for a bomb and hide it in the design and send it to Bush. I would be a hero!

    I am more afraid of him than I am of Iraq or Korea. The guy is a lunatic.


  • D8TA

    So what?

    I mean, at least you feel "secure" right? That's what matters, right?

    Just ask our local Centurion of Rome, he'd be more an happy to explain why his masters and commander in Chief are "caring" for you, with the best intentions.


    Or perhaps a few others will be happy to call you a crazy, or a conspiratist, or a "liberal".

  • target

    I should feel secure because they are holding our diaper covers?

    But of course you realize we removed the rocket launcher before they came back for the shipment.


  • LuckyLucy

    Hooray!Our government is taking good care of us.If Bush is a lunatic what does that make Saddam Hussien?

  • target

    They are all lunatics with their own agendas. They want the wars but they are not in the front lines. I don't trust any of them. Whether it is war or terrorism, it is always the common people dying. And I am willing to bet not one of them will die by a diaper cover.

    For Pete's sake, the shipment had already been delivered and was half unpacked and they came back for it. That is rediculous. And it is damn hard to run a business when customs won't let us have our product. They had already been through it once and released it. They knew what all was in it.

    It is nice to know that people in this country will sleep better tonight now knowing that there are no dangerous diaper covers out there.

    But meanwhile here in Arizona undocumented aliens are flooding across the border from Mexico. That does not bother you? You never know, some of them might have diaper covers.


  • Sargon


    Maybe George W. needed the diapers for George Sr.... depends.

  • target

    LOL @ Sargon! Now you are a logical thinker!


  • auntiem

    Well, the way I see it is that every goverment and every leader in the world is going to do what ever they want to. I still don't vote because I refuse to choose between the "evils". Remember when George W Sr. was in office and Sadam pissed him off? Well, now George W Jr. is trying to stick up for his old man. If either of these men had any backbone they would board the presidental jet and fly to the Middle East and kick ass themselves. How many of you have sons or daughters who are in the military? Are you sending them to the Middle East with a kiss on the cheek knowing the dangers they will face? Will your son or daughter make it home when the war is over?

    Today it is diaper covers and liners, and fleece, and Targets home business....tomorrow it may be your job, or your favorite import. Are you in the import-export business, or do you like to shop at a favorite import store? You may have to give that up...but don't worry if it is your income, because you can always give up all those little extra comforts you enjoy, sell them off and apply for welfare.

    I have always felt that this was a really great place to be, but lately I have had a change of heart. It seems that everyone is so quick to jump and show how heartless they are. I happen to have empathy for Target. When things get really heated up how are we going to treat each other? I think there are a lot of people here who are too young to really know about war and how it effects the economy, or they skipped History 101. Anyway it takes only about billions a day to launch a full out war. Where do you think all that money is going to come from? I don't think George Jr. is going to open his wallet, or any of the Senators or Congressmen or Govenors of this country. Wouldn't it be nice if they had to retire with the same social security benefits that millions of Americans now draw every month?

    So if this war brings a lot economic problems to our homes and jobs and your one of the heartless who posted here I hope you find as much friendship and empathy as you have given Target. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!


  • target

    A couple of days ago the cops rounded up 40 undocumented aliens here in Phoenix who had crossed the border the day before. They called INS to come and get them and INS said they did not have time-they were too busy watching the border. The very next day the same thing happened and again the INS was too busy to come see who these people were and what they were up to so the police let them go. Again, they said they were too busy watching the border. It is a big f*****g joke! People from anywhere in the world can walk right across that border and yet we should feel secure because the customs department wants to keep my shipment of diaper covers.

    And if the government felt that their security depended on them taking away your livelyhood, would you still feel so damn secure? If you spent two years building a business and now found yourself losing your customers to businesses that were fortunate enough to get their shipments last week, would you be so damn happy?

    Don't think this whole war mess can't come back and bite you too-there are a lot of ways to pay for it. Some bigger than others.


  • SYN

    The explanation is really a simple one. Said daipers were merely airlifted to Brooklyn (where the need for them is greater), as the Governing Body have been requiring more of them ever since the showing of the 5th Estate program in Canada

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