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  • Celtic

    Cheers for the pint in the Waverley last time I drove my return Cardiff trip, twas good to see you looking in such fine fettle, I knew it was a newt though in that pub quiz, but you just wouldn't have it. So, how you been you ole croak? Please do pass along my kindest regards to your wife. Work being a little slack this past week or so, not much gorn orn, hopefully anyway if tis alrighty with you, will give you a tinkle next time passing your way. Jolly good then old bean, btw how is the irony from the British going down here? As bad as the news says praps?

    Take care, best wishes


  • ballistic

    Mark I left you a pint in my other thread!!!

  • Celtic

    Per chance Mike, you wouldn't know anyone who might give myself and a mate a lift from your area Friday night coming, in time for the anti-war protest march in London, if not, not to worry, I'm hitch hiking as usual anyway if nothing turns up, if you can suggest anything though, twould be very much appreciated.

    Ballistic, it's as flat as a witches tit by now. Buy me another!!

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  • Englishman

    Hi Mark,

    Pity it's not next Tuesday when I'm off to London meself. Trucker might have some ideas, he was disappointed not to see you to share a pint or 5.

    'Course it's quiz night tonight!

    Chris sends her regards.


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