Has Anybody Watched "The State" series ?

by smiddy3 1 Replies latest social entertainment

  • smiddy3

    About a small group of people from the UK who went to Syria to join ISIS ?

    My impression of it was realistic ,confronting ,and thought provoking.

    Its a four part series and explores how it affects this small group of people in different ways.

    I must admit I had to look away in some scenes , if you can do that I recommend you watch it..


    A scene where it is explained in prophecy about Jesus 2nd coming in Jerusalem and what it will mean for Islam and their followers.

  • truthlover123

    I did watch it and was looking for another season.. It was interesting in context.. looked very realistic.. the way women were dealt with on the death of their ISIS husbands, how people were overcome by the rhetoric.. etc.

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