houston anyone?

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  • vsecret939

    Hello all.

    I'm new here, but tring to make myself at home. I've met lots of nice, interesting individuals and look forward to meeting more of you. My journey out of the org has been very difficult for me emotionally and you all have helped alot. Anyway, if any of you are ever in the Houston area, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and we could go get a cup of coffe or maybe, I might even cook. Thanks all.

    victoria's secret

  • larc

    And if you are ever going to be in Dayton, Ohio, let me know.

  • moana


    Hi! I work in Houston by the football stadium. I have been away from the jw's for soooo many years, but it continues to haunt me. It's been almost a year since I was told my family can't speak to me & just the other day in the mailbox was a note from one and some pamphlets. Needless to say.....we tore it up. My hubby wants to protect me and wants to retaliate. I reminded him that a christian attitude would be to just forget it & if we're confronted just say "We are not interested". No need to tell them they are part of a cult and they are wackies. It just would have no effect.

    I tried the www.exjw.meetup.com - unfortunately, our area is so widespread that we didn't get any support. Actually, I live in the country about 40 miles outta Houston. They try to meet the first saturday of the month. May meetup is cancelled due to lack of support. I could sure use a pal to understand this.

    I'll email ya.


  • TresHappy

    There's a big bunch of us in the D/FW area. We could meet 1/2 way somewhere on I-45 - lol!

  • moana


    e-mail came back 2x. Post again so I can resend it.


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