WT Writing Department is Cooler Than I Thought!

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  • Stephanus

    All these Quo references! I'm impressed!

    *** w96 1/15 28 Light Ends an Age of Darkness ***

    The politicized Sadducees were chiefly wealthy aristocrats, known for their adroit diplomacy ever since the Hasmonaean uprising in the mid-second century B.C.E. Most of them were priests, though some were businessmen and landowners. By the time Jesus was born, most Sadducees favored Roman rule of Palestine because they thought it was more stable and was likely to maintain the status quo.


    *** w91 4/1 30 Politics-A Part of the Gospel Commission? ***

    "Only six days after his election [October 1978], he [the pope] announced that as an East European he did not intend to accept the status quo in Europe. . . . Some took it to be a sermon, but it was a political program."November 1989.

    *** w88 6/1 3-4 Should I Change My Religion? ***

    Another fear that holds people back from changing their religion is the fear of displeasing a mate or parents. In many Eastern countries, where loyalty to parents and family is viewed as especially important, a new wife is commonly expected to support the religious view of the family into which she is marrying. Even if the couple are not particularly religious, maintaining a good relationship with the family and keeping the religious status quo are considered extremely important.

    *** w87 11/15 3 Has Religion Satisfied Our Needs? ***

    Others may not see religion as a force for bad, but they surely do not look upon it as a powerful force for good. The NationalCatholicReporter spoke of "the traditional churchs failure to adequately address human wants and needs." And the journal Liberty said that society seems to view the clergyman as a "blesser-sanctifier-benedictor" brought out only on ceremonial occasions. It added: "In the minds of many people he is the minister of the statusquo."

    *** w82 7/1 28 On the Way Up in Ecuador ***

    Ecuadors population is as interesting and varied as its topography. Fair-skinned Spaniards, colorfully dressed indigenous groups, blacks from Africa and Jamaica, a sizable Oriental colony and a variety of European ancestries are easily distinguished. But the majority of the over 8,644,000 inhabitants, characterized by a hospitable nature and ready smile, are a mixture of different races.

    In Ecuador a 300-year monopoly by the Catholic Church produced a status quo religious environment.

    *** w81 8/15 22 Hidden in the Day of Jehovah's Anger ***

    8 In Zephaniahs day, Jehovahs examination of his professed worshipers was thorough. Thus "the word of Jehovah" goes on to say:

    "It must occur at that time that I shall carefully search Jerusalem with lamps, and I will give attention to the men who are congealing upon their dregs and who are saying in their heart, Jehovah will not do good, and he will not do bad." (Zeph. 1:1, 12)

    Such self-centered ones were content with the status quo.

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  • Stephanus

    Damned Watchtower CD and its stupid approach to quoting! I had that all neatly in the quote boxes!

  • Satanus

    More space between each quote box has seemed to worked for me.

  • Prisca

    You were really bored today, eh, Stephanus??

  • Stephanus

    Actually, for the benefit of all those who aren't taking this post very seriously, there is a very strong point being made, behind the outward "fluff" appearance. Hasn't anyone considered the paradox of what the Tower is saying here? They are condemning other religions for their preference to maintain the status quo. However, those of you who know your jargon know the hypocrisy of those making these statements. What is the Tower term for maintaining the status quo and not rocking the boat? It's "waiting on Jehovah"!

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  • Stephanus

    On the subject of Status Quo (and completely OT), I got hold of the Heavy Traffic CD last week. After more than 35 years they still haven't lost their edge, and Francis Rossi's voice is as uniquely "Quo" and recognisable as ever. I caught the Heavy Traffic Tour back in April; Quo are awesome on stage!

    Now I need to save my pennies for the just released "Riffs" album...

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