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  • sony

    Hey any suggestions in retrieving my own congregation records, I live in a different city now, have nothing to do with them but want my records!!! Anybody have suggestions on getting them sent to my new "congregation" which would be the PO box of a roommate!?

  • justhuman

    That is diffucult...the elders of your old cong they will get in touch with the elder of your new cong so that they will send your records...

    You can check out any time you like, but you can NEVER LEAVE

  • Quotes

    I have not tried this myself, but I do know someone who executed this successfully to get his records out of the system when he "faded"

    1. Tell old congregation you are moving to other city (Hereafter called "Fake City). (Note, you don't have to actually move to Fake City, but moving accross town might be good so that they don't accidently knock on your door).
    2. Have a friend/family member in Fake City (where you don't actually live) telephone to the secretary or P.O. in your old congregation saying "Hi, I'm Brother/Elder/Secretary So-And-So and am looking forward to receiving the records of young Brother So-and-So who just moved here in Fake City. Please send them to me at this address here in Fake City." (Note: It might be a good idea to use the name of the actual congregation in the fake new city.)
    3. The elder's in the old congregation will probably not double-check addresses with Bethel, and will send your records to your friend in Fake City.

    Both the telephone conversation, and the cover letter will be VERY INTERESTING!!!!!

    If you execute this plan, you NO LONGER EXIST IN THE WATCHTOWER RECORD SYSTEM!!!!!

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  • jws
    If you execute this plan, you NO LONGER EXIST IN THE WATCHTOWER RECORD SYSTEM!!!!!

    Is this true? That records are only kept locally? I thought I remembered discussions regarding SilentLambs that talked about people inside the headquarters running across reports and such. Is it possible records are also kept at headquarters?

    Cool idea though. I'd love to see what mine say.

    Any idea whether elders are proactive in this regard? Upon news of my move (my father is still attending), would they find out my new address, seek out the local cong. and transfer my records? To a hall I've never attended and has no idea who I am? When I first moved here, I moved into apartments, then after a few months, bought a house several miles away in a completely different congregation's territory. Having no contact with either congregation, my records could be lost who knows where?

    Out of curiosity, from your friend who got a hold of his records, what was in them? Aside from maybe service records, did they keep secret notes about him?

  • sony

    Thanks for the tips so far. To make things easier we don't have mail delivered to houses so it's all PO boxes! I have a couple roommates that I should be able to script something to have a good conversation! Any other suggestions on making this happen?

  • ITguy

    I've heard of the plan put forth by quotes working for others.

  • benext

    It was always my experience that transfers of records were initiated with correspondence. The only exception is when a new Bethelite was accepted they could bring their records with them.

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