We Are Lucky To Be Here!

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  • metatron

    I know there are a lot of people who post or lurk here
    who suffer a lot of emotional pain. The deaf and dumb
    theocrats have caused a great deal of heartache.

    Nonetheless, count yourselves lucky, it could be worse.
    You could still be in the borg, assimilated and deceived.
    These poor people are going to sink into depression
    or worse as the invincible organization openly falters.
    They will deceive themselves in every way they can to
    avoid facing reality. They will tell themselves that
    it's just a "test", that the End is any day now .....
    and they'll wait
    and wait
    and wait.
    They will fight against their own thoughts that they
    have been wrong for years, that they threw away
    that most precious of commodities - time ,in chasing

    It may hurt a little now but if you're reading this,
    you are likely on the road to recovery.

    But you can still feel sorry for those who aren't
    and what they're going to face.


  • patio34

    That is really a good way to look at it, Metraton. I've been thinking lately at the ones who lived their whole lives as a jw and are elderly now or passed away.

    It's even as the bible says: if in this life only, we are men most to be pitied.

    However, many folks are happy in the jws, I believe. They have found their niche and it works for them.

    "I'd rather have questions I can't answer than answers I can't question (or questions I can't ask)."


  • Latte


    Good topic. It's something which I have been thinking of lately, I feel very sorry for ones that came out of the borg. prior to the internet.......I think that they probably dealt with it pretty badly, in that they likely had NO support such as we have here on this DB.
    It would of been VERY lonely, even thinking that they were going crazy, with the conflict of logic v illogical regarding the societies teachings etc.

    I feel VERY fortunate the have this place to be able to 'Make sure of all things' (regarding the teachings) and be able thrash nagging conflicts out of my head. The ones that left earlier never had a place like this.....it must of been terrible for them.

    Thanks again Simon!

  • emyrose

    Hi Metatron,
    I agree, and am so thankful that I am out.
    But remember that it takes time to be
    really free of that cult. Time is necessary
    to break free from mental bondage. My heart
    goes out to those who still have family
    trapped in that crazy world.

  • joelbear

    I agree. It is very much like being a recovering addict. Its painful to go through the withdrawal symptoms and flashbacks are also painful, but not as bad as being hooked and having no life.



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