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  • Miss_MG


    Thought you would be interested in a study article an elder brought to me, as I have begun the fade because of pedophilia in the org. Just this paragraph alone, a court of law would like to see.

    Watchtower March1, 2003 pg 9 They Triumphed Over Persecution


  • mouthy

    Another carrot..... Their followers will believe.-I would have......I listened & believed what ever they said. I know I was blind as a bat......They are very clever ....You know that Satan runs that place dont ya????I do!!!

  • reubenfine

    Thanks for the update! It's nice that "opposers maneuver the media," "try to restrict true worship," into "distortions or outright falsehoods," yet they refuse on-camera interviews or try to disprove the statements. I'll bet the elder didn't even try to disprove one thing. One thing is blatantly obvious to me, the truth means nothing to the WTBTS.

    Anywhere where mouthy is unwelcome is no place for me!

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  • Shutterbug

    "The devil is in the details." Too bad the Watchtower doesn't provide any details. Bug

  • archangel01

    How can so many people be wrong??????????They are trying to hide it from there followers,its not going to work this time thats for sure.Don't you just love when the WTS trys an makes it out like there the only religion being labeled, what a joke.Can we all say the POPE. I bet alot of people are leaving now. This was the last straw, its one thing to get mind fucked its another thing to be fucked.Sorry for the F word, it just pisses me off.I'm so glad I'm free now from that cult. That's my two cents

  • heathen

    It does seem like they are playing the victim once again . For the longest time they have had their own version of reality wich seemed to entitle them to demonize everyone that so much as looked at them funny.They have through their own media trashed other religions for being corrupt along with the political powers . It seems like it's only fair when the WT attacks other organizations with some facts but when others notice a flaw in the WT that they can't white wash themselves they cry foul play . Whatever happened to the scripture that says , " Due to corruption the love of the greater number will cool off"? Or did they already use that one at a previous time ? I am kinda lost here as to when they feel a scripture applies and when it doensn't .

  • justhuman

    WT they are always pursecuted...

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