Persecution of JWs in Israel

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  • Asylum Researcher
    Asylum Researcher

    I'm researching the question of whether a JW would have reason to fear persecution in Israel. I'd appreciate any info either supporting or refuting such persecution. Thanks.

  • Celia

    Are there any JW in Israel ? I guess JWs are more jewish than christian anyway....

  • Elsewhere

    JWs pissoff people no matter where they go.

  • Sargon

    Fear persecution?? I thought the WTS welcomed persecution, go out of their way to encourage persecution. Afterall isn't it persecution that proves they have the truth?

  • Marcos

    Who cares?

  • TheOldHippie

    Witnesses are persecuted in Israel; there are numerous reports on how indivdual Witnesses have been forced to quit their work, how customers or neighbourhoods have forced employers thru embargos to have to let Witness workers go; how Kingdom Halls have been burned down; how conventions have been stopped; how constantly, Israeli rabbis and their followers stand at the gates of KHs and the branch office, shouting and throwing stones and breaking windows and car windows etc.

    Israel definitely is NOT the country to want to go to, if you are a Witness. In the Palestinian areas, it is more quiet, but the big question, viewing the present Israeli terrorist government, of course is for how long.

  • Titanic

    It is true that in the past JW were persecuted by the religious people...but it is no longer true.JW in Israel don't get persecuted more than the normal JW else where. The Jewish religious people have their hands tied up when it comes to JW, they cant do much to them any longer as they wish to.Don't get me wrong the JW are hated there , but for a good reason.

    Trust me I know what I'm talking about.If you want to know anything else about the JW in Israel, please feel free to ask.


  • gitasatsangha

    I can't say, but as Isreal does have mandatory miltiary service (which I hear is still very dificult to hedge out of) then that could be a problem for Isreali converts. I have trouble imagining many converts to the Watchtower there, anyway, esp among Palestinians as the JW's have a horrid track record at trying to convert Muslims. Perhaps they would do better with the Ethiopean immigrants, there. The Watchtower works best at conversion when it targets the poor, esp in areas that are predominantly already Christian. Their once great success in Japan still puzzles me. I would almost guess that many of the Witnesses living in Isreal were already such before they moved there.


    Persecution of JW`s in Isreal?? LOL!! How many Jew`s will be left alive,if the JW`s have their armagedon?..NONE!!..The JW armagedon will do a better job of exterminating Jew`s than any Nazi ever dreamed of..Those poor dubs in Isreal,LOL!...OUTLAW

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