Just got virus mailed to me

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  • ballistic

    Hi, I have never been the victim of hate mail or a virus since being a member of this community, however I have just received an email from lman [ [email protected]] entitled "Hi,some questions", it contained an attachment TARGET.exe which was infected with the [email protected] virus.

    The virus may not have originated from Iman (whoever that is) but may have used his mailbox.

    I feel I should mention this in public so we can see if it was indeed here that was the source as there may be no connection what-so-ever.

  • shera

    Thanks..what a tick off huh?

  • Sparks

    Thankyou ballistic, it`s really brotherly to warn us. I do hope your computers okay and you didn`t lose any valuable files or software....??!.( I just a can`t get my head around these bastards, I just hope these sods catch some new virus themselves phyically, where their tiny little willies drop-off.....

    Sparks ( UK2)

  • Brummie

    Thanks for the warning ballistic

    BTW the W32 do attach themselves to emails and post out to everyone. It wouldnt necessarily mean Iman has your email address but rather the virus came to him off someone who did have your email address and then continued the rounds from there (if you know what I mean).

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hey Ballistic...sorry to hear you got a virus...we have had a rash of them lately too..we got the "Love" virus recently. I've heard that PC Cillan has a very excellent virus protection and firewall. I have a friend who's used it for quite some time now and has never had a virus or worm get into his system. I'm going to load it in mine today. Their website also provides a free service called "housecall" which scans your system for the latest viruses and worms and assists you in removing them safely. PC Cillan costs between $29US and $39US depending on which version you get.


  • Prisca

    I get at least 2 or 3 viruses sent to me each week. They're often from some obscure email address with something like "Take a Look at This" in the subject line. They're always exactly the same size (47k) so as soon as I see them in my Inbox, I delete them without opening them.

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